Marc Alringer

President & Founder of Seamgen

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Visionary Leader & Tech Entrepreneur


Marc Alringer is a visionary leader and tech entrepreneur with a passion for building innovative digital solutions. As the CEO of Seamgen, a premier web and mobile app design and development agency, Marc has spearheaded the company's growth, establishing it as a top player in the industry. With a focus on product strategy, user experience design, and scalable cloud platforms, Marc has led Seamgen to work with Fortune 500 companies, startups, and midsize businesses, delivering cutting-edge digital products.


His unique value proposition lies in his ability to blend technical expertise with a deep understanding of client needs, ensuring that Seamgen's solutions are not just technically sound but also highly effective in meeting business objectives. Marc's commitment to excellence and his strategic approach to technology make him a standout leader in the digital innovation space.



"Seamgen has become a top web and mobile app design and development agency in San Diego, making the Inc 5000 and San Diego Business Journal's Fastest Growing Private Companies."

Marc Alringer
President and Founder, Seamgen, Inc.

The Early Days

Marc's career in technology began with groundbreaking work as a Scientist at General Atomics, contributing to nuclear fusion research. Transitioning to Product Manager at Jabra, he excelled in creating new markets for innovative products, demonstrating his early aptitude for technology and innovation.


The trajectory of Marc’s career has been marked by a series of impactful roles. As a Consultant at Hughes, he developed robust RF test systems, showcasing his technical expertise. At Noise/Com, his role as Director of Software Engineering saw him develop the first fully automated CDMA test system, highlighting his ability to solve complex technical challenges. His tenure at Abovehealth as VP of Product Development and Software Developer further solidified his reputation as a leader in healthcare technology.




Founding Seamgen

Founding Seamgen in 2008 marked a significant milestone in Marc's career. Under his leadership, Seamgen has become a top web and mobile app design and development agency in San Diego. Seamgen's recognition as the top custom application development company in the area, as well as making the Inc 5000 and San Diego Business Journal's "Fastest Growing Private Companies," reflects Marc's visionary leadership and the company's success.


Marc's contributions to the broader industry are equally notable. He is a sought-after speaker and thought leader, regularly sharing his insights and expertise at industry conferences and forums. His strategic partnerships with technology leaders such as Microsoft, Amazon AWS, Twilio, and ContentStack have further solidified Seamgen's position as an industry leader. Marc's dedication to innovation and excellence continues to drive Seamgen's success and influence in the technology sector.

His personal philosophy revolves around a deep-seated belief in the power of innovation and technology to drive positive change. He believes in always striving for excellence and pushing boundaries to create solutions that not only meet but exceed client expectations. Marc's decision-making is guided by principles of integrity, transparency, and a commitment to delivering value to clients and partners.




Looking Ahead

Looking to the future, Marc envisions Seamgen continuing to lead the way in digital innovation. He aims to further expand Seamgen's reach and impact, forging new partnerships and exploring emerging technologies to stay at the forefront of the industry. Marc is dedicated to ensuring that Seamgen remains a trusted partner for companies seeking cutting-edge digital solutions, delivering unparalleled value and driving transformative change in the digital landscape.


As he continues to lead Seamgen into the future, Marc invites you to join him on this exciting journey of innovation and growth. Whether you're a Fortune 500 company looking to revolutionize your digital presence or a startup with a bold new idea, Seamgen is ready to partner with you to turn your vision into reality.


Together, we can shape the future of technology and create impactful solutions that change the world. Connect with Marc and Seamgen today, and let's build something amazing together.

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