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Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Software Development Company

Written by Daniel Goldstein
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Tech Trends / 05.24.17

Google I/O 2017: Android O And More

2017 started off with a bang with CES and the ball kept rolling with Mobile World Congress. While hardware events occur throughout the year, the summer months are known for hosting developer conferences, namely Google I/O and Apple WWDC. Google I/O 2017 has wrapped up, and WWDC is a couple weeks away. As software enthusiasts,…

Startups / 05.18.17

The Necessity to Having a Startup Mentality

The first thing people think of when the word “startup”is mentioned is a group of three people huddle around in a garage somewhere in Silicon Valley trying to make some crazy idea into reality. Even the hit HBO show Silicon Valley is structured around this idea. The word “startup” encompasses so much more than this image. With each…

Development / 05.17.17

The History of Software: 6 Revolutionary Innovations

The combination of intuitive software and powerful hardware working together has unlocked a myriad of possibilities. It has created a back-end miracle for allowing our smartphones, our computers, and even our watches to function. The rise of the software has also given birth to an entire industry giving people like us at Seamgen an opportunity to further specialize in its craft….

Emerging Tech / 04.28.17

The State of Internet Encryption Technologies

1984 seems so long ago, but in today’s internet age, it seems more relevant than ever. It seems as if we’ve forgotten what privacy is; all of our personal information is online somewhere, accessible to anybody with a username and password. That’s why internet encryption is so important; it’s what makes you, you. What is…