Phone Data Illustration
Phone Data Illustration

App Development

User-Centric Design

App Development

Great apps are built in an agile environment with flexible developers. We learn, adapt, and grow with your needs.

User-Centric Design

People tend to spend more time using products they consider to be beautiful. Our designs balance beauty with function.

Full Stack Development

  • HTML5
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Xamarin
  • AngularJS
  • .NET / C#
  • Node.js
  • Java / Java EE
  • CSS3
  • Mongo DB
  • AWS
  • Bootstrap
  • MEAN Stack
  • HL7 / X12 Transactions
  • MySQL
  • LAMP

Brand Experience

  • Brand logo A
  • Brand logo B
  • Brand logo C
  • Brand logo D
  • Brand logo E
  • Brand logo F
  • Brand logo G
  • Brand logo H
  • Brand logo I
  • Brand logo J

Our Process

  • 1
  • Discovery

    First, we’ll sit down and discuss your project in depth. We work with you to become subject matter experts in your business. Once we understand your business, your users and use case scenarios we’ll create personas for each user type and begin to establish requirements. The user stories that we create at this stage will lay the foundation for your project and set our process in motion.

  • 2
  • Design

    When our UX team has a thorough understanding of the task at hand, we’ll begin creating detailed information architecture diagrams outlining how your users will interact within your application. These serve for as the roadmap for wireframing, which details high level interactions, page elements and hierarchy. Wireframes set the foundation for the experience which we’ll test via a clickable prototype. We’ll finish the aesthetic with pixel-perfect comps.

  • 3
  • Sprint Planning

    As soon as the design team has completed enough of the wireframes and user interaction models, we’ll get started with development. By moving to development quickly we can discover and fix problems early, and have the development and design teams working on the same things. Every 2 weeks we hold sprint planning meetings to assign tasks to each engineer. The goal is to have a collection of completed features at the end of each sprint.

  • 4
  • Development

    With clear tasks assigned, we begin to build your app. Each morning we hold a stand-up meeting to report what we have accomplished since the last meeting, what we intend to accomplish by the next meeting, and anything that stands in our way. These meetings keep the entire team in the loop and ensure any impediments noticed and dealt with.

  • 5
  • Final UAT + Launch

    Before we ship your app, we run it through a final User Acceptance Testing process where we perform end-to-end testing with real or simulated users to ensure the complete system effectively achieves the business goals of the app. Once our Quality Assurance teams gives us the green light, your app is ready for launch!

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