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The Problem

There are numerous platforms which capture standardized patient reported outcomes “PRO’s”. However, true clinical evidence lies in the correlation of these outcomes against pre- and peri-tx clinical observations. Such data are often hard to capture, and even harder to design. Regen Med was seeking to introduce a software platform, inCytes, that would facilitate the process of designing correlatable clinical evidence.

The biggest challenge was creating a system that yielded a data set that was consistent enough for clinicians to compare results to different departments, different practices, and even different countries all over the world. The system also needed to be flexible enough so that doctors could infuse some level of customization into surveys and the overall patient experience.


Aggregated and Simplified Data.


Easier Decision Making

Seamgen helped create a web and mobile application that can support and facilitate communication in the complex healthcare environment. With the help of inCytes, their team can make better data-driven decisions and achieve greater outcomes. Seamgen aided Regen Med in adding their custom Default Treatment Paths into the application to allow for better medical decisions.


Software Specifics

The software includes a reporting tool that enables doctors to compare their own data sets, as well as data sets collected by others. The reporting tool has a simple interface that has the ability to dive into very complex queries. The inCytes team also needed the ability to build and edit patient surveys without interfering with data. The survey builder can handle all question types, across all languages, and even normalizes units of measure for consistent data collection and comparison.


Engaging Patients

Seamgen helped Regen Med design their platform in a manner that welcomed patient involvement throughout the process. Patient portals need to go beyond one-way monitoring and allow patients to actively engage in their own care. Proper patient education increases satisfaction and provides clinicians with numerous hidden benefits. With Seamgen’s help, Regen Med was able to provide their users with a simplified and engaging process.

Engaging patients
Tech Stack

Mobile Application

• iOS - Swift - iPad
• Apple Research Kit


Web Application

• .NET Core on Linux
• Javascript/TypeScript
• React js
• Amazon AWS
• Amazon RDS

Technical Approach

To most effectively develop the inCytes application, we took a “cloud-first” approach in architecting the system. Leveraging this approach enabled us to rapidly build out the ecosystem on-demand as we added new structural elements. Our team also designed the platform to work in a continuous integration / continuous deployment environment. With these tactics, we were able to iterate quickly and learn from our decisions throughout the entire software development process.

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