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With the expert guidance of our digital transformation consultants, your business will embark on a journey to create and sustain exceptional digital products while reimagining processes and systems to optimize developer velocity. Our initial step involves a deep understanding of your digital objectives and a comprehensive assessment of the obstacles hindering your digital transformation. Whether your challenges lie in adapting to emerging digital technologies or fostering a culture that embraces innovation and experimentation, Seamgen's dedicated consultants will collaborate with you to discern the most favorable course of action. Together, we will craft a strategic roadmap that expedites your path to growth and success.

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Don't Overlook Your Digital Transformation Strategy

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital transformation strategy, the rapid advancement of technology has paved the way for visionary companies to chart and implement digital strategies that were once deemed unattainable only a few short years ago. However, it is not uncommon for many businesses to merely conceptualize digital products without progressing beyond the initial stages. As a premier digital transformation agency, our core focus lies in not only conceptualization but also the fulfillment of these digital aspirations, ensuring client satisfaction and the creation of unforgettable digital journeys.

Our time-tested process places paramount emphasis on empowering our clients to establish a benchmark of excellence within their chosen digital strategy. This approach holds true for businesses of all sizes and across diverse industry sectors, enabling them to reach their objectives and optimize their Return on Investment (ROI) in the realm of digital transformation.


Seamgen developed an intuitive web portal to bring policyholders and producers to one location streamlining the data managment.

Fast-track Your Innovation with our Digital Transformation Consultants

In the quest to establish and expand businesses that rise above the cacophony, the embracement of fresh digital capabilities and the reshaping of operational paradigms stand as fundamental imperatives. Our team of digital transformation consultants is at the forefront, propelling innovation and igniting the development of cutting-edge solutions to ensure your business's competitiveness on the global stage.

As your steadfast advisors, our squad of digital experts will accompany you throughout the entire journey, from conceptualization to seamless execution. We expedite your innovation endeavors and craft a dynamic digital transformation strategy that eagerly embraces emerging technological possibilities. This strategy empowers you to navigate an increasingly digital future with confidence, ensuring your business remains agile and resilient in an ever-evolving landscape.


Seamgen develops healthcare applications for businesses to provide better care to patients through optimized digital experiences. 


Seamgen's Pragmatic Approach to Digital Transformation Consulting

Our digital transformation consultants are helping organizations step confidently into the digital future with personalized digital transformation strategies guided by unique goals and needs. Our purpose-driven approach establishes flexible and scalable software development processes that increase innovation and eliminate technical debt.Our digital teams are led by project managers who collaborate directly with our clients' product owners. We'll examine your customer touch-points, provide expert digital strategy recommendations, and provide new opportunities to help foster customer relationships.

Seamgen takes a pragmatic approach when building applications in the cloud. Wherever feasible, we use proven cloud agnostic technologies, such as Kubernetes, combined with optimized cloud native services, where warranted. Likewise, our development teams have worked with both small startup projects, leveraging Scrum and hybrid agile methodologies, and have also scaled up when working with enterprise clients, implementing enterprise scaled agile framework such as SAFe.

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Veriti Management

From Collaboration to Acquisition

Seamgen's partnership with Veriti, an asset management company focusing on ESG investing, led to the creation of a state-of-the-art web application designed to support investment advisors. This project was pivotal in bringing to the forefront the concept of ESG or Impact Investing in the investment landscape.


By deeply understanding the intricacies of impact investing, Seamgen developed tools to simplify and demystify the process of direct index and ESG investing for advisors and their clients. The tools included interactive features to educate and assist in strategy planning, ensuring transparency and trust in investment decisions. The innovative user interface was designed using Quasar, Vue web development frameworks, and Typescript, with an emphasis on educating users about index and ESG investing. This approach facilitated quick onboarding of new advisors and deepened the understanding of seasoned professionals. The result of this successful collaboration was a significant acquisition of Veriti by First Trust Capital Partners, a testament to the effectiveness and impact of the project.


Veriti Management brought the concept of ESG investing to the forefront of the investment landscape. 

FEAtured client


A Novel Interactive and Immersive Guest Experience

We revolutionized emergency care for mothers and babies with the M-Mama ICT platform, offering an interactive and immersive healthcare experience. Our 24/7 toll-free line provided immediate access to medical support for critical maternal and neonatal emergencies​. Combining technology with healthcare, our platform enabled dispatchers to quickly assess emergencies through a specialized app, ensuring efficient coordination with healthcare facilities. This streamlined process was integral to our immersive approach, significantly enhancing the response time in urgent situations​.


Central to our solution was facilitating prompt, safe transportation in remote areas, bridging the gap between emergency detection and treatment​. Through M-Mama, Seamgen set new standards in interactive and immersive emergency healthcare.


Seamgen developed a platform to enabled dispatchers to assess emergencies and provide efficient coordination with healthcare facilities.

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