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Real Estate Lab started as a Microsoft Excel template that went viral and gained industry buzz after thousands of investors used it to underwrite deals quickly, easily, and accurately. Years later, after self-funding software development and building our system while helping investors acquire more than $100 million in multifamily properties, REL has evolved into a proven, comprehensive acquisitions platform that helps underwriters make smarter, faster, and safer investment decisions.

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The Challenge

From Spreadsheets to a Digital Powerhouse

Real estate labs was looking for a digital platform to bring their real estate syndication model from spreadsheets and email, to a fully featured application. Real estate labs has a small community of active investors and they were looking to scale to make these acquisitions open to a much larger audience. One of the biggest problems in their industry is parsing disparate data in order to create analysis models that gauge both theirs and their community members' proprietary formulas.


Unlocking Insights: Real Estate Labs' dashboard integrates assets under management, recent properties, news feed, and tasks, empowering investors with comprehensive data for smarter decisions.

The Solution

Strategic Prioritization: Unveiling Real Estate Labs' Complex Challenges

Being budget conscious & looking at the problems holistically, it only made sense to tackle the most complex problems first. To tease out the details of these problems, we ran through our standard discovery process which included stakeholder & user interviews, persona profiling, and feature list creation. Seamgen then facilitated a design sprint workshop in order to quickly perform feature ideation. The outcome of this exercise was both a robust feature list and MVP roadmap that would take REL to market.


Real Estate Labs' product frames showcase a harmonious blend of simplicity and power, ensuring a user-friendly experience for investors navigating complex real estate acquisitions.

Overcoming Data Parsing Challenges in Property Acquisition

One of the biggest challenges we encountered was data parsing. When assessing a property acquisition, we found that most investors have their own idea of what value is. To analyze this value they use a range of data points that come from property documents like rent roll, t12 and property history documents. One of the problems with these documents is there really is no standardization. In order to combat this and build a clean data set, our solution was a combination of good data import user experience & a robust parsing engine that used machine learning to increase its accuracy during the parsing process.


Real Estate Labs' intuitive interface features a share property feature, enabling seamless sharing of flagship analysis and in-house analyzer insights via email. Enhancing teamwork for smarter investment decisions.


Empowering Real Estate Syndication Teams with Robust Collaboration Tools

Because the platform was designed for syndication, good collaboration tools were a must. We integrated pipeline tools, clean property data, and team based task management to provide a robust MVP that allow REL to acquire their initial power-users. By using an extensible framework, Seamgen was able to architect a best in class web app that empowers real estate syndication teams to make the most informed investment decisions.


The property overview screen provides essential details such as year built, size, average rent, and more, empowering investors with comprehensive data for informed decision-making in real estate acquisitions.

Crafting Consistency and Cohesion

Design System

The development of a design system for Real Estate Labs' web application was a meticulous and strategic endeavor. Our primary goal was to ensure that every aspect of the application, from the user interface to the user experience, maintained a consistent and coherent visual and functional identity. To achieve this, we embarked on an in-depth process that included extensive research, collaboration with stakeholders, and the establishment of a robust set of design guidelines. This design system served as the foundation for the application's design elements, such as typography, color schemes, button styles, and interactive components.


Real Estate Labs' interface streamlines property analysis with features like parsing/unit mix, parsing/confirm unit mix, parsing/T12, and upcoming offers, ensuring efficient data processing and informed investment decisions.

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Seamgen's Tech Stack

Leveraging AWS, DevSecOps, and Modern UX

Seamgen leveraged Amazon’s AWS platform and products for infrastructure and scalability, and developed a comprehensive DevSecOps solution using Jenkins for robust build automation. For the User Experience layer we used a modern approach HTML/CSS/JS using the React Web Development Framework. The Service architecture was 100% API driven, developed using Java/Kotlin Spring Boot with a PostgreSQL Database.

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