Brain Corp
Machinery Reimagined

The Problem and Challenge

Brain Corp needed help creating intuitive data visualizations that simplified the data analysis process. It was imperative for the complex data to be clearly showcased and easily digested in order to evaluate a robot’s performance over time.

Brain Corp is a San Diego based technology company specializing in the development of intelligent, autonomous navigation systems for everyday machines. The company integrates BrainOS, a cloud- connected operating system, into existing commercial machines. BrainOS monitors the device's activity, providing crucial data used to train robots and streamline operational processes. We worked with Brain Corp to create a simplified, custom-branded web application for analyzing data collected by robots.

The Solution

A Human Touch in Simplifying Robotics Data

With our expertise in visual design and human-computer interactions, we created a web application to analyze the data returned from their robots and accurately trained them to learn on the proper route. We developed a platform-agnostic automated testing system for robotics API and robotics daemon with the ability to gather a variety of statistics from network latency, API resources availability, and service level availability. BrainOS-powered robots enable their partners to produce, deploy, and support robots for commercial use at scale. Our data analysis helped integrate BrainOS into pre-existing machines and new form factors.

Test, Gather, Analyze, Repeat

We made sense of the data by developing an automated testing system that turned into actionable results.

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