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Tech Trends / 06.14.17

Freemium: the Combination of “Free” and “Premium”

For hundreds of years, business models have been focused on the best way to make a profit. It was simple. A person would pay money in exchange for a product. With the age of the internet and the fast-paced startups, an increasing trend has begun called “Freemium.” What is Freemium? It is a business model…

Tech Trends / 06.13.17

WWDC 2017: Overview and Ecosystem Growth

The Apple ecosystem has once again been updated. At WWDC 2017, Apple announced updates to existing hardware and software as well as new products. Too busy to watch the keynote? We got you covered. Keep reading for a brief overview of announcements and our take on these developments. The conference ran from June 5th to…

Articles / 06.09.17

Combining Design Thinking and User Experience

Design Thinking is a methodology. It is about applying a specific way of thinking to solving the right problem. Since the term was coined in 1991 by David M. Kelley of IDEO, the methodology has been widely used across a variety of industries. At Seamgen we use this method to solve complex problems, and find solutions for our…

Tech Trends / 06.06.17

The Booming Peer-to-Peer Sharing Economy

When was the last time that you took an Uber? How about the last time you decided to stay in an Airbnb? The ages of taxis and hotels are shortly coming to an end with the unstoppable and booming rise of a peer-to-peer sharing economy. The current worldwide internet is making it possible to own…