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Emerging Tech / 08.21.17

Why Elon Musk & AI Experts Called for a Ban on Killer Robots

If you have been a fan of Sci-fi movies, chances are you’ve seen the Hollywood hits on robotic weapons such as RoboCop and Iron Man. These films portray a futuristic sense of what future warfare might entail. Although you might feel we are far away from this technology, Elon Musk and a total of 116…

Development / 08.15.17

Why you need Custom Software Design and Development

Many companies out there today act like they know the exact product that will meet your business needs, but often times their off-the-shelf products fall short of what you are hoping for. Sometimes the easiest way to solve your specific business problems is to invest in custom software design and development. You don’t have to…

Tech Trends / 08.08.17

The Rise of AI Education: Andrew Ng &

There has been a lot of buzz & paranoia around the topic of Artificial Intelligence lately, and most of it has to do with billionaire entrepreneur, Elon Musk and his call for the regulation of AI. While many people are now worried about the advances in AI, Andrew Ng is not one of them. A…

Startups / 08.04.17

The Top Incubators and Accelerators in San Diego

Starting a company is never easy, and that is why many startups are turning to local incubators and accelerators in hopes to jumpstart their efforts. We at Seamgen love our San Diego startups, and that’s why we are providing a local guide to some of the top incubators and accelerators in San Diego. The Difference…