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Development / 03.28.18

Cloud Computing: Advantages and Disadvantages

Cloud computing has become commonplace throughout the tech industry. We are moving away from local servers and beginning to rely more heavily on the cloud. This transition isn’t surprising. The advantages of cloud computing enable a more effective and efficient workflow. However, just like anything else, cloud computing has it disadvantages. Advantages of Cloud Computing…

Development / Education / Emerging Tech / News / 03.26.18

AI, IoT, Blockchain, and Other Key Technology Trends to Watch in 2018

At Seamgen, we’re excited about the future of technology, and we believe 2018 promises to be a landmark year in the technology space. We recently asked several technology experts what we should expect in the technology sector this year. Some of the key areas that these experts said we should watch include: 1. Machine Learning…

Emerging Tech / Startups / 03.26.18

San Diego Startups of the Week

In 2017 many new startups chose San Diego as their home base and they brought in around $350 million in the first quarter. The innovations spanned from the healthcare industry all the way to craft beer enthusiasts. How many startups will there be in 2018? With the growing presence of venture capitalists, an entrepreneurial spirit,…

Articles / 03.14.18

UX & SEO Go Hand in Hand

User experience plays a large role in search engine optimization (SEO). Have you ever clicked on a link expecting to find the perfect answer, but the article had nothing to do with your question? That’s poor SEO and an even worse user experience (UX). You probably clicked out of the page immediately. Your action affected…