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Development / 09.11.17

Enterprise Mobile Apps: Why You Should Care

You might not think it, but enterprise mobile apps are becoming a vital part to any organization in order to stay innovative and remain competitive. According to a report by Ericsson, there will be 1 million new mobile broadband subscribers that will be added everyday up to the end of 2022. With the increase in…

Articles / 09.06.17

A Brief History of User Experience Design

While you may view history as something you learned way back in high school, knowing our history can provide valuable insights into the future. History isn’t all about knowing dates and figuring out when certain events happened when. It tells us a story. A story that we can use to build for the future. When…

Development / 08.28.17

How Big Data Can Turn into Big Money

Nowadays, every business has access to vast amounts of digital data, but it’s not about how much data you have. It is about what you do with it. Big data has become the buzzword for these large amounts of data, and companies all over the world are trying to figure out new ways to turn…

Startups / 08.25.17

7 Tips to Raising Venture Capital for your Startup

Raising venture capital isn’t easy. It takes a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to get your startup the funding it deserves. While there is no proven formula to guaranteeing you funding success, we at Seamgen have some tips for you to help you solidify that valuable VC funding. 1. VC Ready? Whether it is…