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Tech Trends / 06.29.17

Affective Computing: Effectively Altering the AI Landscape

It is no surprise that with the increased use of computer systems and applications, interdisciplinary fields have become necessary in progressing forward. One such field is affective computing, which comprises of computer science, psychology and cognitive science. Affective computing allows for machines to recognize and compute human affects. The fictional stereotype of computers and by…

Startups / 06.26.17

San Diego Startup of the Week: Shield AI

With caffeine in hand, we are kicking Monday off with a slam as we let you in on the top 5 QA best practices for software development, as well as covering a local San Diego startup. In this week’s edition, we will be looking into Shield AI. Why Shield AI? It is not often you…

Articles / 06.26.17

Top 5 QA Best Practices for Software Development

Quality is important especially when it comes to software development. Every tech company has realized the importance of establishing a QA team dedicated to ensuring quality in their products.  Since Quality Assurance has become so important, we at Seamgen want to give you some of our best practices when it comes to QA. 1. Define a Process Establishing…

News / 06.16.17

June 16th Tech Newsflash

What better way to end the work week then with some tech news? We here at Seamgen can’t always cover everything but we aim to fill the gaps with a tech newsflash. Whether you are looking forward to the weekend or dreading the Monday that is slowly creeping up, we got you covered so keep…