Sports fans wait all year for Super Bowl Sunday to arrive. Advertisers also wait all year for this big day but for a slightly different reason: the commercials. Super Bowl commercials have long been a source of entertainment during the game and often include iconic marketing content. Due to the high viewership of the game, Super Bowl commercial spots are widely coveted. In the 2019 Super Bowl, robots and artificial intelligence stole the show.

The presence of artificial intelligence has expanded into many areas of our lives, so it should come as no surprise that it made an appearance in the Super Bowl. Below, we highlight five commercials that explore the use of artificial intelligence across different verticals.


TurboTax debuted their commercial featuring RoboChild who desperately wants to be a TurboTax Live CPA. RoboChild doesn’t understand that it cannot fill that position because it requires a level of human emotion that robots have yet to accomplish.

Michelob Ultra

This Michelob Ultra commercial portrays a robot completing many tasks and outperforming its human counterparts. However, when the humans decided to have fun and enjoy a beer together, the robot feels left out. Once again displaying the differences between the capabilities of robots and humans.


Pringles included a familiar piece of artificial intelligence in their commercial, the smart speaker. When two friends are trying to figure out how many different combinations of pringle flavors there are, the smart speaker quickly beats them both with the correct answer. But the speaker quickly becomes upset when it realizes that it will never be able to actually try any of these flavors it is so knowledgeable about.


Sprint added another commercial to its series of the Sprint spokesman and this time it included robots. The group is trying to determine how to advertise the “best of both worlds” at Sprint and one robot suggests an elaborate plan including Beau Jackson. Beau Jackson, however, is quick to suggest simply telling people that they’ll save money with Sprint. This commercial shows again that while robots can accomplish great things, sometimes humans are better prepared to create reasonable solutions.


Last but not least, we have Amazon. The company created a funny commercial to show how the influence of its “Alexa” has grown into many different industries. But while Amazon has managed to incorporate Alexa in many products, it clearly doesn’t work with everything. This further supports the idea that there are limitations to the influence of artificial intelligence.

The presence of artificial intelligence during this year’s Super Bowl was definitely a big moment for the tech industry, but each commercial portrayed an underlying theme that explored the limitations of this type of technology. Robots and IoT devices continue to advance but their inability to master human emotion is a factor that is holding them back. As of now us humans still have the upper hand in that department but maybe we’ll see a different story in the 2020 Super Bowl.

The 2020 Super Bowl could also look a little different on the field. Technology is about to quite literally change the game. With the introduction of RFID tracking devices in player’s shoulder pads, coaches and teams will have access to player analytics that the NFL is calling “Next Gen Stats.” This will improve competitive strategies for game days as well as player recruitment and scouting. It may take some time to truly integrate these technologies within the NFL, but when it is complete the sporting world will be forever changed.

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