May 23, 2019 | Last updated on June 12, 2024

Using AR/VR to Boost Your Business

Written by Marc Alringer

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) don’t stop with the funky goggles or apps like Pokémon GO and Snapchat. Rather, they create unparalleled user experiences across a number of different industries. VR and AR technologies provide unique and exciting ways for consumers to interact with services or products.

VR is a computer-generated simulation of an environment that usually involves wearing a headset to immerse a user in the experience. A user can typically interact in the virtual environment with the use of additional equipment fitted with sensors. On the other hand, AR adds computer-generated components to an existing reality.  

Not only do these technologies create unprecedented, cutting-edge experiences, but they can be leveraged to grow your business. With the number of active virtual reality users worldwide growing in millions from 2014 to 2018, it’s time to find out how you can use these technologies to boost your business.

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Using AR/VR can help improve your internal processes, increase user engagement, and introduce new ways to interact with your brand. Businesses are using AR/VR to transform the way they interact with consumers and even their employees. However, you must first identify if it’s right for your business; is the investment worth it? Incorporating either AR or VR to boost your business requires a strategic plan that outlines where it could be most effective.  


Drive Sales

Imagine you’re online-shopping for kitchen appliances or new furniture and you can’t decide if you want to buy it. You’re not convinced that it will fit in with your home decor. By leveraging AR capabilities, a business can empower the consumer to make a more informed decision by allowing them to experience a product before buying it.

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By taking advantage of AR technologies, you can create a more personalized experience for your buyers. Giving your customers the ability to preview and interact with a product should increase your conversion rates.

Improve Mobile App Engagement  

By implementing AR into your mobile app, you introduce an entirely new experience to your users. Make it exciting and fun and you’ll keep users busy for hours! AR features allow companies to display their products in ways most beneficial to a customer. There are already a number of industries that are capitalizing on this opportunity.


If you’re buying a product such as clothes, sunglasses or makeup, what better way to make that purchase than to know exactly how it will look? Enabling a “try on” component allows consumers to get the feel of what they can expect in real life while decreasing the rate of product returns.


Technology has been transformative to both teaching and learning processes. Incorporating AR in the classroom has proven to generate a significant return on investment, let alone smarter students! It allows students to have an authentic experience that promotes learning. Adding in 3D models and supporting information to sites and events can enhance a students’ abilities to grasp challenging concepts.

Medicine and Healthcare

With an increasing presence of telemedicine, AR could be used for long-distance surgeries. Yeah, I know, sounds crazy right! A specialist on the other side of the world could use the AR tools to guide and collaborate with a colleague in real time. AR can assist future doctors through intensive training sessions with the use of 3D visualizations. A key benefit of AR as a learning tool is that it creates a highly engaging, immersive educational experience which, by combining different sensory inputs, aids retention and how well complex concepts can be grasped.

Facilitate Collaboration

Using AR enables better modes of communication with co-workers from offices around the world. Creating a sense of presence and teamwork, productivity increases while turnover decreases. Team members can effectively collaborate with experts at a distance as they simultaneously interact with a project.

When used to overlay 3D instructions on the workspace, AR reduces error rates by 82% and in turn, advances development time and mental effort in collaborative design tasks.


Enhance Marketing and Advertising

If you want users to remember your brand, you need to provide them with a memorable impression. VR can offer a unique digital advertising experience that advances a deeper connection between the consumer and your business. Creating an interactive campaign can help buyers make more informed decisions about your products or services.

With VR, your business can create an immersive experience tailored to your target audience. Leveraging VR for experiential marketing is a perfect way to show consumers the look, feel, and taste of your brand. Eliminating all distractions, your prospects can dedicate 100% of their attention to your business.

A few of the world’s leading brands have created amazing VR marketing experiences.  Similar to these brands, your company should take advantage of these technologies. Beat your competitors to the draw by adopting VR marketing strategies today!

Train Employees

An essential part of your business are the employees that represent your brand. An employee’s socialization and onboarding process will heavily influence their performance down the road. Implementing VR into employee training programs can enhance your training process. New employees can get “hands-on” experience and learn all the necessary skills at a much faster rate. With adequate practice in a virtual environment, you can expect your employees to succeed in real-life situations. Ultimately, VR training can save your business time and money.  

This personalized training experience not only links to employee success but also higher employee retention rates. According to a Gallup study, nearly 7 in 10 Millennial workers are not engaged with their job. Having engaged employees translates to increased productivity and a higher quality of work. Engage your employees by introducing them to immersive VR experiences and make sure they have the skills and tools required to succeed.

Maximize Efficiency and Manufacturing  

Companies are using VR to increase the efficiency of their business operations. They can test different scenarios and identify the bottleneck in their manufacturing process. Simulating different scenarios can help your business determine the most efficient and effective solution. This is a great way to save your company time and materials by avoiding costly mistakes.

Along with finding effective processes, VR can help you innovate rapidly. Do you want to improve or expand your product offerings? Before you commit to building something that requires a significant investment, try designing and testing the product with VR.

To improve internal operations, and augment your consumers’ experiences, consider implementing AR/VR technologies. Use AR/VR to boost your business and broaden your brand recognition. It’s time to think outside the box and take your company to a whole new level with these immersive technologies!  

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I founded Seamgen, an award winning, San Diego web and mobile app design and development agency.
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