Developing mobile applications is expensive and time-consuming. How can you get your idea to market faster, and for less?

The most important and efficient way to manage cost and budget is to make your app as big as it has to be, and no bigger. This sounds simple, but all too often product owners spend time thinking about all the things the app could do, and lose sight of its core purpose. Developing features, you don’t yet need you, both in development cost and opportunity cost. Staying focused on the most important features allows you to create the best possible app without blowing up the budget.

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In addition to watching for features, you don’t need, you must be aware of features someone else has already implemented for you. Understanding when to leverage available libraries to augment your app development is critical to managing development cost. You must know what features make up the core of your idea, and develop those. Save time and money by using code that has already been written.

Finally, you can minimize development cost by targeting multiple platforms with a single codebase. By writing your app in Xamarin, you can significantly reduce the amount of code needed to get your app to market on every platform, and thus save time and money. Xamarin not only allows you to develop your app more quickly, but it also allows you to maintain your app more efficiently by centralizing the code and allowing you to make changes and add features once, instead of two or three times.

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