iBeacons may be small devices, but their capabilities are unlike anything  on the market thus far. Soon they will be sweeping the industries, enabling or disabling apps far and wide. Their simple functionality makes it easy for businesses to install and implement them into their marketing strategy. So far, the buzz about iBeacons is related to how they can trigger push notifications and wake up your mobile applications. This could be as you are viewing a painting in a museum or walking past a shoe display in a retail store, but what we haven’t heard about is how they can be used to disable your apps.

Now you might be thinking why would I want to disable apps? Well, think about your company’s policy on cell phone use in meetings or conferences. Or perhaps you are a teacher trying to compete with 30 students with high tech smartphones, always being tempted to play a round of candy crusher or text their peers. In these situations iBeacons allow you to remove distractions. Instead of waking up your apps they will simply disable them, prohibiting your employees or students from having access to certain apps.

Imagine a small beacon in the corner of your corporate conference room that disables employee’s cameras upon entering or sets certain security restrictions based on your company’s internal policy.

By pairing iBeacons with Seamgen’s software development, you can suddenly imagine a plethora of scenarios where you want to establish a specific mobile device environment. Contact us for more information on how beacons can work for your business.