There are numerous stories regarding how beacons can be used in retail to push relevant information to consumers, and there are many companies creating messaging platforms which make it easy to do so. There are other applications of beacon technology, however, that are much more interesting.

For instance, in the hospitality industry, you can create a self-navigating application that takes you to the most relevant information depending on where you are. Beacons use Bluetooth low energy technology, which means that even if an application is in the background, it can process beacon related signals. Due to this, when you are standing near a beacon equipped digital signage (like an ad for a show), your phone is communicating with the sign, and later that day you can be sent a reminder to purchase tickets for that same show.

Imagine walking out to the pool at your favorite resort, and as you pass by a beacon your app communicates your arrival to the staff and you are greeted with your favorite beverage. Beacons are creating a new breed of Experience Management systems, which are focused on increasing customer engagement by giving customers the most relevant information at the right place and the most appropriate time.

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