Mobile Application Brain Food: 22 Great Examples

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Here is a little-known secret from the Seamgen office: we love training our brains, particularly with mobile apps. There, the secret’s out. It’s how we stay at the forefront of mobile application development.

All jokes aside, we thought you’d enjoy this 22 item list we compiled. These mobile apps contribute to increasing brain activity in a balanced fashion. We will cover games, wearables, mental health, the creative arts, and more.

Brain Games

Games are a fun way to test your mental skills, even if you have a busy schedule. A short break can become a training ground with these 11 apps.

1) Brainwell [for iPhone, for Android]



Brainwell features over 50 cognitive training games, designed to increase memory capabilities, problem solving, visual prowess, and more. Track your progress in a variety of skills and compete against friends. Development was conducted under supervision by top neuroscientists and neuropsychologists to ensure the games target the areas they are supposed to. Developed by Monclarity, LLC

2) Elevate [for iPhone, for Android]


Winner of Apple’s 2014 App of the Year, and for good reason. Create a daily schedule for brain training with personalized suggestions and a calendar to track your progress. Never get bored due to the game’s reactive difficulty settings, pushing you to always train at your highest level. Developed by Elevate, Inc.

3) Fit Brains Trainer [for iPhone, for Android]

This app has already been ranked the #1 education app in half of the world’s countries. Like many similar apps, it has a plethora of games targeted toward increasing your IQ. However, unlike the competition, Fit Brains Trainer included an entire section of games dedicated toward improving emotional intelligence. In tandem, the IQ and EQ training offered is a more balanced approach to brain training than most alternatives. Developed by Rosetta Stone Canada Inc.

4) Memorado [for iPhone, for Android]

Millions of people worldwide have used Memorado to increase their cognitive abilities. With 24 games and over 700 levels, there’s always new ways to improve your concentration, memory, math, and logic skills. The new update also includes mindfulness exercises as a contrast to the rigorous brain exercises the game includes. Developed by Memorado

5) Lumosity [for iPhone, for Android]

This may have been the app you were waiting to see appear on this list. With over 70 million worldwide users, Lumosity is a brain training powerhouse. Over 25 games target a variety of areas of cognitive abilities. The Lumosity team even works with several dozen university researchers to continue to stay at the forefront of development and innovation. Developed by Lumos Labs, Inc.

6) Eidetic [for Android]


An eidetic is someone able to recall unusually detailed, vivid mental images. This app brings you one step closer to eidetic status, with dozens of puzzles and brain teasers to satisfy your logical side. Compete in challenges containing infinite levels to appear on the worldwide eidetic leaderboard. This app is both free and without in-app purchases, a great choice for anyone seeking to improve their mental capacity on a tight budget. Developed by YourELink Inc

7) Left vs. Right: A brain training game [for iPhone, for Android]

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This mobile application is great for those who wish to frugally improve their brain. At a fraction of many others’ prices, Left vs. Right delivers a veritable assortment of games. The focus is placed on awareness, patience, adaptability, reflex, reasoning, and precision. Developed by MochiBits, LLC

8) BrainHQ [for iPhone]

We haven’t quite figured out why BrainHQ is one of the lesser known brain training apps. This mobile application is consistently effective in large-scale, randomized clinical trials, from stalwart institutions such as the Mayo Clinic. Additionally, the statistically significant success of this app in improving cognitive functioning has been documented in over 100 publications. Developed by Posit Science

9) Cognito

This game places you in the role of a secret agent. Grow together with your virtual secret agent as you both increase your cognitive abilities. Cognito is a fresh take on a niche market with so many similar resources out there.  Developed by TidePool, Inc

10) Braingle [for iPhone]

Differing from other apps on this list, the focus in this one is brain teasers, riddles, and cracking codes. With over 15,000 different brain exercises to solve, you’ll never run out of options. This mobile application will challenge your thought processes and increase your aptitude for puzzles and brain games. Developed by Toodledo

11) Peak [for iPhone, for Android]



Chosen as the Best App 2014 in over two dozen countries, Peak operates like a personal trainer at a gym. Use Coach to discover the right brain workouts for you, with over 40 included games. Plus, Peak is the rare app that is both popular (over 15 million downloads) and inexpensive (under $35/year). Developed by Peak


These four wearables are the next level in both features and convenience. All transmit results/data to your mobile device.

12) Dreem Headband


This wearable monitors EEG activity throughout the night as you sleep. However, unlike the competitors, Dreem adjusts in real-time to stimulate sleep-inducing sounds during the night. These sounds synchronize with your brain activity to improve sleep quality. The mobile app allows you to track your habits and patterns and monitor improvement. Developed by Rythm

13) Thync

Designed to reduce stress and improve your overall mood, Thync releases calm energy vibes throughout your body, designed to calm and comfort you. Using Thync for 10 minutes a day for a week straight was shown to have significant results with regard to stress, sleep patterns, and general mood. Developed by Thync

14) Halo Sport

The pair of Bluetooth headphones that can do much more. Halo Sport uses neuropriming technology to increase workout productivity. The headphones release pulses of energy throughout your workout, improving your brain’s reaction to training and sending stronger signals to your muscles. In many case studies with top athletes, Halo Sport has been shown to increase the results of hourly athletic performance. Developed by Halo Neuroscience

15) Muse



Take your meditation to the next level with Muse. While you meditate, the headband transmits your brain signals in real-time to the mobile application. Experience personalized guidance and direction in subtle ways throughout your meditation sessions to keep your mind calm and collected. Developed by InteraXon Inc.

Mental Health

Well-rounded brain maintenance includes your mental state. These four apps will help keep you feeling happy and at-ease, so you can perform your best in whatever area you choose.

16) Happify [for iPhone, for Android]

Change the way you view the world with Happify, the premier app for happiness. Several minutes a day, practice skills in positive psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, and mindfulness to increase your mood. Engage in fun games and other activities, all the while tracking your happiness score. 86% of frequent Happify users increase their happiness score within two months. Developed by Happify, Inc.

17) Positive Activity Jackpot [for Android]

Originally developed for military members returning home, this app relies on Pleasant Event Scheduling (PES) to cope with depressive thoughts and create an outlet for enjoyment. Whenever you have unscheduled free time, pull the jackpot lever, and the app will bring up suggestions for you to fill your time. On top of finding the activities, this mobile application also lets you invite friends to join in. Developed by The Department of Defense National Center for Telehealth and Technology

18) ReliefLink [for iPhone]

First developed as a suicide prevention tool, ReliefLink provides an outlet for mood recording and monitoring. Set yourself medication reminders and get access to nearby help facilities. This award-winning mental health app was even presented at the White House shortly after its inception, as it is a huge step forward for a connected health mobile application. Developed by Emory University

19) Breathe2Relax [for iPhone, for Android]

This mobile application provides you with a veritable assortment of breathing exercises to combat the stress in your life. All breathing exercises are guided, step-by-step, to ensure you learn the proper form. Learn about how stress affects your body and how proper breathing techniques can increase mood stabilization. Developed by The National Center for Telehealth and Technology

Feeling Artsy?

These three apps fuel your brain’s creative, artistic side. Balance is important, and these apps keep you engaged and innovative.

20) Procreate Pocket [for iPhone]

Despite what the title might suggest, this app has nothing to do with the creation of life. Pushing the boundaries of what a mobile application is capable of, Procreate Pocket gives you an uncannily realistic ability to draw to your heart’s content. Create paintings, drawings, and illustrations on-the-go with this App Store Editor’s Choice selection. Developed by Savage Interactive Pty Ltd

21) Creative Writing Prompts [for iPhone]

Get your creative juices flowing with over 1,000 opening lines and prompts. The app keeps track of your writing patterns, and font is customizable. All your work within the app can be shared/exported with the touch of a button. Fight back against writer’s block, and improve your writing ability. Developed by Tanner Christensen

22) Tenuto [for iPhone]

This mobile application includes 15 different exercises to increase your musicality. Exercises are customizable, and range from note identification all the way up to interval and chord recognition and repetition. There are also more advanced exercises like chord and interval identification by ear, along with much more. Developed by musictheory.net


We figured 22 of the best brain food apps wouldn’t be satisfying enough for a ravenous mind, so we included a couple extra ideas. These technologies have the potential to reshape the future of the human brain. Are they going in a safe direction? Is this technology destined to fail? Or are these companies the wave of the future? We’ve provided some extra links, now it’s time for you to read and decide.

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