July 5, 2019 | Last updated on April 11, 2024

More Reasons to Invest in Quality UX Design

Written by Mark Coulstring

The world of mobile web traffic has seen drastic increases over the past few years, and the corporate desire to enhance user experience (UX) design has become a significant priority in the transition from desktop to mobile. Oftentimes the measurable return on investment attained from quality UX design includes increased purchases, along with strengthened brand loyalty and advocacy. More recently, however, the designer’s ability to avoid infringing on design and utility patents has provided substantial value to corporations through proper risk analysis.

Developing a mobile application with an immersive user experience requires you to understand your users very well. An experienced custom software development company will conduct user research and develop user personas to kickstart the design process. Knowing your users and designing for them has a lot of benefits.

Reasons to Invest in Quality UX Design

Improve customer satisfaction

In order to satisfy a customer you need to create a positive emotional connection. A customer is satisfied when his or her fundamental psychological human needs are fulfilled; self-esteem, competence, autonomy, and relatedness. Moreover, a satisfied user will create an emotional and affective bond with your brand. They’ll also be motivated to use your product further.

Increased customer retention

An enjoyable experience creates happy customers and happy customers spend money and they recommend your product to their friends. The UX design of an application can make or break your loyal user base. According to Harvard Business Review, 23% of customers who had a positive experience told 10 or more people about it.

Increase conversion rates and sales

Quality UX design increases sales because users can easily navigate a site and locate the item they are looking for. The effortless process makes users happy and less likely to become frustrated and leave the site. Ensuring that you keep users on your site means that they’re more likely to complete a transaction. Additionally, if users enjoy the user experience design of your site, they are more likely to spend more time on your site and continue adding items to their cart.

Avoid costly redesigns

Investing in an experienced user experience agency will minimize the risk of project failure and the need to incur additional redesign costs. It’s most effective to invest in the right resources from the start. Trying to save time and money upfront will have larger and more expensive consequences in the long-run. A user experience design company will conduct user research and user testing to validate their design ideas, so you can rest assured that you’ll have a user-friendly application.

Decrease support costs

If your user experience design is well done, your users will easily find the information they’re looking for and won’t need to contact your customer service staff. We all know how frustrating it is when you can’t find the information you’re looking for. We often resort to leaving that page and visiting a competitors site. An experienced user experience design company can help you retain users by making all information easily accessible.  

Avoid legal issues

According to upcounsel, in an article covering how the U.S. patent system may affect your UX, intellectual property litigation can be a costly process with legal fees reaching the thousands and sometimes even the millions. In many cases, a design patent dispute is stemmed from a UX Designer that has not taken the time to thoroughly research active U.S. patents, or has made the mistake of infringing on a design patent unknowingly.

The laws involving new technologies and designs are constantly changing, which has recently made it vital for businesses to hire a user experience design company that is well researched in current intellectual property laws. With corporate reputation and finances in mind, placing high value on a proper legal risk analysis prior to the deployment of software application design and development will provide a more secure and valuable ROI.

In a marketplace with little differentiation among products and services, selecting a software design and development team wisely can help drive the most productivity, revenues, loyalty, and eliminate future legal complications. It’s just another reason to invest in quality UX design. Companies that fail to invest in quality user experience design will be overtaken by competitors who are putting their users front and center.

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Mark Coulstring
Written by
Mark Coulstring
VP, User Experience, Seamgen
Product Design & Strategy Leader, Worked with CVS, Aetna, Oakley, KIA, Intuit, ViaSat, AARP, Experian, and many more.
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