Access to information is key when it comes to targeting the proper consumers for your product or service – and when that access is minimally intrusive to your consumers’ current habits, what could be better? This is exactly where the beacon technology finds its niche. The functionality of the beacon is so simple – it’s a cinch for companies of all sizes to utilize them within their own marketing strategies. Since most people have their mobile devices consistently in their hands anyways, a direct line of communication is established, and half of the work is already done for you.

We have previously talked about beacons in retail shopping, but to the creative eye, the utilities for this tiny product are limitless. Beyond the retail industry, beacons can be utilized within transportation, hospitality, education, entertainment, and many more. Any company can benefit from attracting clientele to your product and/or location, informing them on the usability and advantages of your product or service, tailoring your actions specifically to their needs, performing direct transactions, and re-marketing them to become consistent consumers. Now that is a great strategy!

With the highly specific geolocation abilities of beacons matched with proximity sensor applications, consistently updated data is accessible to ensure that your user is receiving the most relevant notifications to improve his or her experience. They key to utilizing beacons is to have the best mobile application on the market within your competitive field. The beacons consistently emit BLE pulses to awaken the application, and from there, the stored information that you have on specific users or identified user personas can be directly applied to that one consumer’s experience. Your application can become your user’s gold mine – allowing individualized access to specific campaigns that leave consumers always feeling like VIPs.

By pairing your own campaigns with proximity marketing, you’re already upping the playing field for your competition. The ultimate goal is to have your consumers receiving the highest user experience as possible when interacting with your application, and utilizing it as a regular tool. With our national launches of beacon applications, we are excited about this refreshing approach to driving consumers, and as always, feel free to contact us if you are interested in a revamped approach with a proximity sensor application.