June 11, 2018 | Last updated on June 15, 2024

Seamgen Celebrated: Leader in Web & Software Development

Written by Marc Alringer

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The software development field is notoriously crowded. With so many different companies offering a slew of products and services, it can be nearly impossible to differentiate the good companies from the bad ones from the great companies. The ratings and review site, Clutch, helps solve this problem by integrating objective quantitative data, customer testimonials, and case studies together to rank companies and gain market insights. Based in Washington, D.C., Clutch provides businesses and customers with reliable information about the quality and content of a wide range of businesses, so that people can know before they buy.

A testament to our team and especially our clients, Clutch not long ago recognized Seamgen for having the top software developers in San Diego! Clutch complements their rankings with in-depth client reviews to get a clear picture of various businesses. Our terrific clients were thrilled with the work we accomplished together — and they made sure Clutch knew it. Several clients communicated with Clutch, underscoring various aspects of Seamgen, such as our company culture that puts the client’s work above all else, and our combination of UI and UX abilities.

Top Custom Software Developers in San Diego

As part of our recognition among premier web developers in San Diego on Clutch and their sister site, The Manifest, we have set ourselves apart from a crowded and convoluted set of web-based developers. Two of our clients in particular explained to Clutch what makes Seamgen different. The Director of Service at a National Telecom Firm recalled: “A primary reason why we chose Seamgen is that while they have user experience on staff, they are not a branding house gone web. They are a web engineering house through and through. That’s a big distinction in this industry. Seamgen fully respects that we’re part of a large company, and we can’t change the brand. They just want to engineer good web apps, and that is their strong suit.”

Likewise, a Vice President at Connexions Loyalty hailed Seamgen. “One of the main things I appreciate about them is their transparency and specialized attention. They’re not afraid to challenge you or your corporate norms. I also think they have a unique value proposition where they have both UX and development internally. That’s something that separates them from a lot of pure development shops.”

Founded in 2008, we are experienced software developers who recruit top talent and pride ourselves on excellent results. Our specialized approach allows us to work with a diverse range of clients: from massive enterprises to fledgling startups. Our capabilities include full stack design and development for web and mobile applications. We are industry experts in cross-platform development with Xamarin, user experience design, user interface design, development of native mobile applications, Javascript web applications, beacon implementation, digital healthcare software, and highly scalable cloud service architectures using Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.

When a client partners with us we get to know their business and their customers, and intimately craft custom software solutions that provide cutting edge experiences and produce value for your customers and your business. If you would like to learn more about Seamgen or are interested in working with us for your next software development project, please contact us.

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President/Founder, Seamgen
I founded Seamgen, an award winning, San Diego web and mobile app design and development agency.
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