Empowering students to graduate from college by delivering information when and how they need it

54% of College Students won’t Graduate

It is a startling statistic, but it is unfortunately true. Full Measure Education, Inc. aims to lower that number with the aid of transparency.


We placed our initial focus on building the back-end. The results tied in directly with the university’s system.


How It All Works

Engage Students at Their Level

If you want to reach a college age student, your best bet is through their smartphone. We created an application for iOS and Android devices, ensuring students have the ability to analyze their coursework, find updated financial aid information, and interact with the call center all from one simple interface.


Support Agent Dashboard

Accessible information regarding a student’s courses, funding, day-to-day, exiting process, and career prospects. In addition to this, guidance pertaining to class registration is conveniently located to the right of the FAFSA region.

Administrative Dashboard

Administrators can access a plethora of information in an easily understandable format. The material includes: percentage breakdowns regarding risk, various specifics on barriers of entry, and highlighted enrollment interventions.

Faculty Dashboard

Faculty can input grades and browse risks associated with their students. They also have a clear view of a given student’s class schedule and may log attendance wherever applicable.

Student Dashboard

Of course, the students themselves have easy access to program information, their current grades, and a wide variety of preferences to customize as necessary. The dashboard offers all this in an easily digestible manner.

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