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Startups / 07.27.17

Why the San Diego Startup Scene is the Place for You!

Most people think of San Franciso when they hear the word “startup.” I mean why wouldn’t they. The San Francisco Bay Area has over 10,000 startups raising billions of dollars. They even have a hit-TV show based on the startup scene there called Silicon Valley. You are probably thinking, “Hey I would even start my…

Tech Trends / 07.21.17

4 Power Moves Amazon has Made in July 2017

Yes, we all know that Jeff Bezos’ master plan is to take over the world, and this month he made some major moves, via Amazon, toward his ultimate goal of world domination. Okay, maybe I’m sounding a little drastic, but Amazon’s recent advances have everyone talking. We don’t believe that Amazon is going to take…

Tech Trends / 07.20.17

Elon Musk Calls for the Regulation of Artificial Intelligence

This week, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk hit headlines once again, but this time it wasn’t about announcing a new project he is working on. Instead, he gave a speech to the National Governors Association calling for the regulation of Artificial Intelligence. Musk warned each state governor that AI will eventually pose ‘existential risk’…

Development / 07.14.17

How Predictive Analytics will Revolutionize Software Development

Predictive analytics has been changing the world as we know it. From sports to everyday business, predictive analytics can help you perform at a lean operation. It can even predict future problems and solutions to solve your day-to-day tasks. What if I told you predictive analytics can also help you can develop software faster with fewer defects?…