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Emerging Tech / 01.04.18

Reality in the Making: Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality

Albert Einstein once said “reality is merely an illusion.” While that is still up for debate, many major tech companies are trying to break down the barrier between digital and real everyday and make their own illusory realities. The emerging tech space is beginning to host a variety of different technologies from virtual reality to…

Tech Trends / 12.26.17

7 Apps & Gadgets to Help with your 2018 New Years Resolution

Last year, we at Seamgen compiled a list of 8 helpful apps that would help you keep those pesky New Years resolutions. If you were able to keep those resolutions, congratulations to you, but for the rest of us out there, we found ourselves breaking them within the first two weeks of 2017. That’s why we…

Emerging Tech / 12.12.17

Bitcoin: The Phenomenon Explained

If you haven’t heard of bitcoin yet, you are living under a rock. It seems to be the only thing anyone in tech talks about nowadays as the new cryptocurrency has been all the buzz. A year ago today, Bitcoin was just a small trend, and a single coin was valued at $775. Today it…

Development / 12.06.17

Choosing the Right Database Engine

One of the most fundamental and fraught decisions in technology is deciding on the right way to store your data. Get it wrong and you could be handcuffed forever, get it just right and answers will seem to spring from your data before you knew the question. We at Seamgen know the struggle and are…