At Seamgen, we work with clients in the sports/fitness realm, and we know a great product when we see one. These products seamlessly integrate a sound user experience with high-level functionality.  These four devices are poised to make a serious impact in the coming years.  Check them out!

1) Mobile Virtual Player (MVP)

american football game

American football is filled with worries about player safety and training patterns. The MVP is a full-size, 150-pound dummy, delivering a realistic user experience to athletes. Originally developed by Dartmouth College’s head coach to reduce injuries in practice, the MVP dummy is aligned to become the practice tool of the future. Recent studies have shown that at the lower levels of football, the majority of injuries are sustained during practice time. The MVP dummy will keep athletes engaged and healthy, eliminating the big hits that tackling drills have produced in the past. The Pittsburgh Steelers have even incorporated the MVP dummies into their practices now, with great results. The dummy tops out at about 18 miles per hour, and is fully remote controlled.  Check out videos of the MVP in action to see this device come to life.

2) Vi by LifeBEAM

Vi user experience

Successfully raising 1600% of their Kickstarter goal, Vi is the first true artificial intelligence personal trainer. The wearable earbuds are designed to bring a personal coach to life as you workout, in real-time. The smart device knows everything from your speed to your heart rate, and continually updates you on your fitness progress during the workout. Aside from being able to hear your current pace and heart rate with voice recognition, Vi has a soothing, encouraging voice that will make you question the limits of AI capabilities. When you are no longer drooling over the user experience of this fitness device, note that LifeBEAM has partnered with harman/kardon to deliver the highest audio quality in the industry.

3) Baseball Swing Analyzer by Blast Motion

baseball game

This device has infiltrated the world of professional baseball and is here to stay, having been adopted by several MLB teams already. The swing analyzer recently featured in the 2016 Home Run Derby is now available for the general public. Blast tracks swing speed and power, swing direction, and much more. Improving your baseball swing efficiency has never been easier. The connected mobile app captures video of your performance, displaying the metrics as you follow the footage. For optimal user experience, replay videos in slow motion to capture every single detail of your swing. The device itself attaches to the bottom of a baseball bat, weighing a paltry 0.3 ounces.

4) FITGuard™ by Force Impact Technologies

fitguard logo

With nearly four million sports-related concussions every year, the world is abuzz with how the situation should be handled. The FITGuard is a smart mouth guard that measures cranial impact. Depending on the impact, the mouth guard flashes one of three distinct colors: green, blue, or red. Flash red and the player should be immediately removed from the game and analyzed further. This device is designed to be a first step toward improving concussion protocol in sports. 47 percent of concussed athletes report no head-injury symptoms, and these athletes who then suffer a second concussion dramatically increase their chance of lifelong or fatal brain injuries. FITGuard is ready to put a stop to this practice.  Additionally, the FITGuard remembers your gender, age, and weight to provide accurate impact measurements and suggestions of when it’s time to come off the field.