What is Xamarin?

Perhaps a good way to think of Microsoft Xamarin is as a one-stop shop for application development. Whereas some app development languages are used exclusively for specific operating systems, Xamarin offers a single app development language for use across Android, iOS, and Windows devices. Xamarin is one of the most popular app development frameworks today, and for good reason. It boasts a powerful and comprehensive feature set that empowers app developers to build mobile apps on multiple platforms faster than ever before.

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C# is ahead-of-time (AOT) compiled to ARM assembly language. The .NET framework is included, with unused classes being stripped out during linking to reduce the application size.

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C# is compiled to IL and packaged with MonoVM + JIT’ing. Unused classes in the framework are stripped out during linking. The application runs side-by-side with Java/ART (Android runtime) and interacts with the native types via JNI.

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C# is compiled to IL and executed by the built-in runtime, and does not require Xamarin tools. Designing Windows applications following Xamarin’s guidance makes it simpler to re-use the code on iOS and Android. Note that the Universal Windows Platform also has a .NET Native option which behaves similarly to Xamarin.iOS' AOT compilation.

Seamgen is a leading provider of Xamarin Android, iOS, and Windows apps. Our Xamarin project teams include a dedicated iOS lead, a dedicated Android lead, and an engineer who focus on sharing code and services between different platforms.

6 parks. 3 brands. 1 app.
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6 parks. 3 brands. 1 app.

Deployed as three separate apps for SeaWorld, Busch Gardens and Sesame Place, we utilized Xamarin to share code across business services and core logic in order to develop a single, unified code base that powers all three SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment applications. A flexible design language allowed for simple asset management to customize each application. Combined with a powerful CMS and analytics platform, this suite of applications allows park management to gain valuable insights into their parks.

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Why Xamarin?

Microsoft Xamarin has quickly become a top choice for app developers who use C#. With Xamarin, common functions like business logic, database usage and network access can be written once and reused on different platforms. This means app developers can build foundations for platform-specific user interfaces that perform as native applications. In fact, thanks to bindings, a Xamarin developer can take any existing code library and make it Xamarin-compatible.

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Pharmacy discount benefits
Two white iPhones showing a healthcare application development platform and how well it can work

Pharmacy discount benefits

The ScriptSave WellRX prescription discount card is accepted at thousands of pharmacies across North America. The app allows users to compare live medication prices to find the best deal within their region. Savings are instantaneous. Users simply show their savings card each time they fill or refill a prescription. Savings average 45% per prescription, with potential savings of up to 80%*, and all prescription medications are eligible for savings.

Xamarin cross platform development

Our goal is to simultaneously leverage Xamarin to deliver outstanding user experiences and reduce development cost and time to market. To accomplish this goal, we use a Xamarin cross platform development approach that involves a Model-View-View-Model architecture. We break down code into testable layers, which enables us to build platform-specific features.

This has allowed us to develop successful Xamarin iOS, Android, and Windows apps for a number of globally recognized brands.

For example, we used Xamarin to help Oracle manage its mobile ecosystem of nearly 200 apps. The sheer volume of Oracle apps forced users to deal with a seemingly disparate and disjointed experience when they moved from one app to another. To address this issue, we extended Xamarin development across Oracle's entire app suite. This enabled us to unify shared design elements and establish consistent styles across Oracle's mobile apps, resulting in improved user experiences.

Enterprise mobile strategy
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Enterprise mobile strategy

We created the Xamarin bindings for Oracle’s Mobile Cloud Service (MCS) API as well as for Oracle’s JD Edwards Business Suite API. As a part of this engagement we were asked to reimagine how Oracle’s suite of over 190 individual applications could be redesigned and delivered using Xamarin. Our Enterprise UI Kit envisions how Oracle and their clients can simply manage, update and customize their suite of applications across multiple platforms and devices.


Why Seamgen?

Seamgen is a Xamarin Authorized Consulting Partner, and our Xamarin team will work with you to find the best ways to help you take advantage of everything that Xamarin has to offer. Our native Android, iOS, and Windows experts understand the ins and outs of C# development. To date, we've developed dozens of high-quality, cross-functional platform apps in Xamarin. We've even created Xamarin bindings for high-profile clients like AirWatch, JD Edwards Business Suite, and Oracle MCS. To find out more, please contact us today.

We've built Xamarin apps for all of these companies and more...

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