While at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), we did not see anything game changing. Instead, we witnessed a bunch of small revolutions. After hearing the news coming from the Las Vegas conversation center, it is safe to say that wearables and connected devices took the spotlight.

With some of the big players—such as Apple—may not make an appearance at the annual consumer and technology trade show, other companies received some notoriety.
Here are a few of our favorites:  

FitBit Pounces on Apple Watch


As another contender for the smartwatch market, FitBit unveiled the Blaze. It is a fitness tracker complete with some Apple Watch-like features—a touchscreen, a slim design, and the ability to play music, manage calls, and sync your calendar.

“The Blaze is a fitness band — not a smartwatch,” reports CNN’s David Goldman. “Don’t expect to Facebook on this thing. You cannot use it to pay for your latte. Like all Fitbits, it can track your exercise and automatically sync your workouts with your phone. It monitors your heart rate, steps and your activity throughout the day.”

Microsoft Lets You Talk to Your Car

microsoft band 2

This year’s CES showcase included new advancements in technology for your car. Our favorite is the Band 2—a Microsoft and Volvo collaboration to allow you to give commands to your car. The remote voice control lets Volvo owners talk to their vehicle, letting you turn on the heaters, control the locks, flash the lights and sound the horns.  

Digitsole SmartShoes

Digitsole’s Smartshoe 01s does everything but put your socks on. They even warm your feet while securely tightening to your ankles. It is not the automatic lacing seen on Marty McFly’s kicks, but it is close enough. The shoes also track your calories, movement, and wear and tear.

Huawei’s smartwatches make wearables stylish

As one of the bigger companies presenting, Huawei unveiled a new line of smartwatches. Dubbed the “smart watch for the lady,” the line is geared towards the individual who views these smartwatches as accessories. The company partnered with Swarovski, a fashion design company, to produce the line. 

TechRadar gave the wearable a 4 out of 5-star rating, and said, “The Huawei Watch is not perfect, but it is a looker and edges closer to earning the ‘smartwatch I’d actually wear” title.’”

A Wearable that actually helps you sleep

A group of engineers from San Diego claims they have created the “world’s first smart earplugs.” The earplugs, called Hush, work with an app on your smartphone. You can set the ear plugs to play ethereal music, white noise, and pink noise all throughout the night. More Importantly, you can set an alarm to wake you up—leaving your partner undisturbed.

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