Updated 5/10/2018

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a key growth factor for businesses across all industries and enables companies to identify and address weaknesses, build upon strengths, and improve their teams’ current skill sets, as reflected in a recent study of 3,000 business executives, managers, and analysts conducted by Boston Consulting Group and MIT Sloan Management Review.

Key findings from the aforementioned study include:

    • 84% of study participants said AI will allow them to obtain or sustain a competitive advantage.
    • 83% identified AI as a strategic priority for their businesses.
    • 75% noted AI will enable them to move into new businesses and ventures.

How AI can improve business operations

    • Account Management: AI can be used to help a business develop a plan to target specific accounts and create engaging, informative content to connect with these accounts.
    • Customer Service: Customer service teams can leverage AI to deploy solutions designed to improve the customer experience (CX), enhance brand loyalty and generate new revenue streams.
    • Decision Making: AI empowers decision makers to make more informed decisions by using comprehensive business data and insights, faster than ever before.
    • Marketing: AI allows marketers to gain valuable customer insights, automate everyday tasks, and improve workflows.
    • Spending: AI enables business professionals to identify savings opportunities while potentially improving business efficiency and reducing operating costs.

The business applications of AI solutions are substantial. s more companies explore AI applications, new AI solutions may be introduced that help companies boost their productivity, accelerate their revenue growth, and drive meaningful business results.

What does AI do well?

In companies across the globe, the common theme among the use of AI lies within the technology’s ability to help solve well defined problems. Business professionals can use artificial intelligence to analyze a problem from multiple angles, regardless of an issue’s size or severity. It follows that this same data can be used to understand potential solutions to a problem. Armed with this information, decision makers can make more informed conclusions and proposals in order to solve problems based on the specific needs of the company.

Going forward, AI has the potential to help an ordinary business become an extraordinary one. AI gives business professionals quick, easy access to a massive assortment of data and insights that they can use to drive improvements across all departments. Therefore, many businesses are searching for ways to implement AI solutions into their day-to-day operations, and this trend likely will continue in the years to come.

Is your company ready to use AI?

Your company – like many others – probably wants to incorporate AI solutions into its workflows as quickly as possible. Yet benefiting from the full use of artificial intelligence takes time. Before your company can enjoy the benefits of AI, it needs the infrastructure to support AI solutions.

At Seamgen, we’re a leading AI company that helps our clients get the most out of machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), and predictive analytics. We employ a team of AI experts who will work with you to analyze and identify opportunities within your data. Plus, we can help you create an automated system so that you can learn from your data sets.

As we build AI tools for your business, we will take into account the analysis of your data and the experience of your end users, too. This enables us to deliver AI solutions that will fulfill the needs of your business, its employees, and its customers. To find out more about how we can help your company integrate AI solutions into its operations, please contact us today.


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