You might not think it, but enterprise mobile apps are becoming a vital part to any organization in order to stay innovative and remain competitive.

According to a report by Ericsson, there will be 1 million new mobile broadband subscribers that will be added everyday up to the end of 2022. With the increase in mobile subscription, it has created an avalanche of mobile apps being created.

While you may think these millions of new mobile apps are mainly consumer facing products, it is important to realize there has been a large increase in enterprise mobile applications as companies are looking to make mobility a top priority.

Reasons why Enterprise Mobile Apps are a Must

The most important aspect about enterprise mobile apps is that it truly improves business processes and productivity.

It gives workers an opportunity for mobility which helps increase throughput while it lowers operational cost.


An everyday worker that is on the move can use the mobile apps to help him or her access the necessary information he or she needs while on the move.

For example, imagine a sales person in the field has a couple important meetings that the company needs to close the deal on. He or she will need to access multiple different pieces of information such as financial reports or personal lead information. With access to the right enterprise mobile app, he or she is able to access all the information in the palm of his hand leading to a successful sale out in the field.

Enterprise Mobile Apps don’t only have to live in the internal realm. They can also help companies communicate with external stakeholders and customers helping establish those long lasting relationships.

The 3 Keys to Success for a successful Enterprise Mobile App

There are several hurdles when it comes to thinking about developing an enterprise mobile app. In order to make sure you are on the road to success we developed a list of 3 central aspects when it comes to having a successful mobile enterprise application.

1.The Right Digital Strategy

Before you go rushing into development, you need to develop a clearly defined digital strategy. One needs to clearly understand the business perspective, and where you want to go from there.

By outlining one’s long term business goals, one will ensure the success and usability of any enterprise mobile product. This isn’t something that should be lightly thought about as it could end up costing your company thousands of dollars if one is improperly prepared.

2. Developing and Designing an App that fits your Business

Once the digital strategy is clearly thought out, the next key to success is making sure you are developing and designing a product that will actually help your business.

The best way to accomplish this is looking at it from a user centric approach. Having input from the people who will actually be using the app will ensure that the app will actually solve complex challenges and problems that your business faces.

Enterprise Mobile Applications

Another important aspect when it comes to developing and designing your app is the user experience. Not only will it need a design that the user will love, but it would also need to be sure that it is tested by an experience QA team to ensure there are no bugs and defects that will deter future users.

3. Delivering the Mobile App fast enough

Okay, this third key to success may fly in the face of the other two keys to success, but it is just as important. Technology is ever evolving, and if your mobile app development process is taking too long, the app you eventually deploy may be obsolete as employees find other methods to solve their problem.

Okay you may be worrying right now, but I’m here to tell you that not all is lost. We at Seamgen have been helping enterprises from London to San Diego develop enterprise mobile applications that fit their business goals. Don’t just take our word for it, you can do your own research on enterprise software development companies.

Have a question about enterprise mobile apps? Feel free to email us at I promise we don’t bite.

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