Welcome to Seamgen’s weekly blog – where we will be challenging you to embrace technology and experience software applications in a simplified manner. Our vision is of an organically connected physical and digital world where technology simplifies processes and expedites innovation to enable forward movement in both business and in life. As a User-Centered Design and Agile Development custom software firm, we believe successful software applications are intuitive, based on innate tasks, and focused on end-user practice in real-world environments.

This blog will be focused on providing the latest industry trends, best practices, advice, and company news and events in our areas of expertise: custom software development, user experience design, mobile application development, quality assurance, and digital healthcare solutions.

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We look forward to an interactive experience with our readers, and we encourage developers, designers, and quality assurance analysts to contact our marketing department at marketing@seamgen.com for guest blogging opportunities. Until next time, we’ll leave you with something to ponder. What’s the best application you’ve ever used… and why?