February 22, 2017 | Last updated on June 15, 2024

The Rise & Importance of Green Startups

Written by Marc Alringer

Recycling. Global Warming. Pollution. Climate Change. Whether you believe in it or not, businesses are popping up all over the world with ways to improve the environment around us. These green startups are developing forward-thinking ideas and products that are changing the way we live each day.

What Makes a Startup “Green”

Nowadays, the term “green” is loosely used when describing companies and organizations. But what does it really mean to be green business?

In the startup world, a business is actually “green” if it finds new and innovative ways to reduce the world’s carbon footprint and help the environment.

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Whether it is a new way to recycle, or making longer lasting light bulbs, these green startups are coming up with revolutionary ideas.

Entrepreneurs all over are trying to solve issues like global warming, pollution, and the increasing scarcity of natural resources.

The Rise of Green Startups

Why is their rise happening now?

The main reason that green startups are starting to become more popular is the growing significance of climate change, and the recent scarcity of nonrenewable resources.

More and more people are beginning to understand that if we stay on our current trajectory, the world is going to cease to exist in future generations.

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Many people point to the increase in temperature over the past decade as a sign of dangerous climate change, highlighting the growing need to find ways to cut down on pollution.

Another key reason for the rise of green startups is the significance of finding renewable energy. With the increase in population and scarcity of nonrenewable resources, it is becoming necessary to find new ways to create energy.

Big Players in the Environmental Space

There are many different startups trying to fight for a spot in the rising green industry.  Here is a list of the top three rising green startups that are changing the world in big ways:

1. Choose Energy

If you haven’t heard of this green startup, you should check it out! Choose Energy allows consumers to shop for the best electricity and natural gas rates, plan terms, and find renewable energy options.

2. Holaganix

Still looking for that healthy green lawn? Holganix has put the ‘green’ in green startup, selling an environmentally friendly lawn care product that reduces the use of fertilizers as high as 90%.

3. Arctic Sand

Coming from the geniuses over at MIT, this green startup looks to save 80% of all energy that is lost in the form of heat, worldwide. Arctic Sand uses power conversion technology to improve power conversion efficiency, saving businesses everywhere money on energy. This way, you save money while saving the environment.

Future of the Green Industry

The future of green startups right now is unclear. With a new presidential administration that has less of a focus on climate change, the rise of green startups may temporarily halt.

Their dependency on larger businesses is also cause for an uncertain future. Many green startup ideas revolve around the ability to revamp business practices in environmentally friendly ways. Investors find it risky to invest in green startups due to this dependency.


On the bright side, green startups do hold an advantage over other traditional startups: an increasingly shared vision. What most of them are aiming to solve is becoming a growing issue within the world. These green businesses will likely see an increase in demand if/when environmental conditions worsen over time.

Hopefully, this selling point will influence investors to continue to direct money toward these green startups, making the world a habitable place for generations to come.

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