Theme park guests can now have a completely enhanced experience when visiting their favorite attraction. With the advent of mobile apps, the days of waiting in long lines, getting lost numerous times, and not being able to find your car at the end of the day, are OVER. Not only are these applications greatly improving the guest’s overall experience and satisfaction, but are now creating completely new streams of revenue for the theme parks. Mobile apps provide increased consumer touch points, enabling the parks to market to their guests in ways that were never possible before.


One of the most useful mobile application features theme parks are now implementing is navigation. Forget about that old paper map that no one really knows how to follow anyways. With GPS enabled features, such as interactive maps, guests can now pinpoint their exact location, and find out just how far away they are from their destination. They no longer have to worry about getting lost in a huge park. Finding the nearest bathroom or restaurant is as simple as looking on your phone.

The location-based services are proving to be lucrative for the parks as well. Amusement parks can now use the locations of their guests to better market to them. For example, if a guest is near a particular vendor, the park can send out a notification to the guest about that vendor, such as a daily special or coupon, opening new doors to maximize revenue potential.

Mobile apps are also improving the market research for theme parks and businesses alike. With features such as heat maps, the parks can know which areas of their attraction are most densely populated.  Another useful feature is mobile surveys, which allow guests to provide instant feedback to the park on their experiences. This type of knowledge will be highly valuable in guiding parks in their future efforts to improve their services and customer satisfaction.