Improved experiences for guests, valuable insights for park management

Building a Better Guest Experience

In-venue and pre-venue experiences enable guests to take full advantage of their time inside the park. Management has an added benefit in their ability to track guests, spot trends, and send timely, relevant notifications.

Flexible Branding

Six Parks, Three Brands, One App

Leveraging a flexible design platform, we utilized one core design format in order to customize branding for each of our client’s parks. By utilizing the same structure and format within each application, our client could now focus on gathering quality content to manage from a central backend system.

Seaworld Mobile Phones
Seaworld Xamarin Black

Xamarin builds native apps for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac with a single, shared C# codebase. This is performed with the same language, APIs, and data structure on every platform. As a result, Xamarin consistently yields efficient development.

The Backend

Guest Management

We built the in-venue application with management in mind. Venue administrators have the added benefit of managing alerts and tracking guest traffic throughout the park. We developed guest management software that affords complete control; admins can tell where, when, and how guests are notified of park news – creating potential for upsell opportunities.

Seaworld Laptop
What's Inside

Beacon Technology

Working in conjunction with a mobile application, beacons offer an additional touch point with guests based on their approximate location, delivering on-time relevant info to your users as they navigate your venue or pass your storefront. Once a user enters a beacon’s proximity they’ll receive a gentle push notification to alert them to an offer, message, or call to action.

Seaworld Location Awareness

Location Aware Guest Management

Track, manage and influence what your guests see when navigating your venue. Enable timely notifications in high traffic areas.

Seaworld Contextual Notifications

Contextual Notifications

Offer relevant info to guests based on not only where they are, but what they might be doing at that time. By integrating with our guest management software we can gain valuable insight into how users respond to notifications to better implement them over time.


Upsell Opportunities

Tracking how long users are in a particular area lets us know a good deal about what they’re up to. For example, by comparing data against wait times and other user input, we can conveniently offer users the opportunity to purchase "front-of-the-line" passes at the perfect moment.


Ticketing Simplified

Waiting in lines is a thing of the past. We create versatile user interfaces to keep your customers out of the lines and get them into the park. Mobile ticket purchasing allows your users not only to skip the line, but also plan their day and purchase tickets prior to their arrival.


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