Physicians are now relying on mobile medical applications more than ever before. This sudden shift can partially be attributed to Obamacare. In 2010, President Obama signed into law the Affordable Care Act, providing monetary incentives to hospitals that switch to mobilized Electronic Health Records (EHRs). This incentive based program is expected to increase the mobile application market by 500 percent by the end of 2014. A recent study by Black Book Rankings, a non-bias, customer satisfaction research company for the Healthcare IT industry, has uncovered that 2013 will be the “Year of the Big EHR Switch.”

mobile app for health company

Developers should expect to experience an increasing demand in mobile application development for physicians and healthcare providers. “100% of medical practices considering changing EHR vendors now expect mobile access to patient information wherever physicians provide or review care,” according to Black Book Rankings.

Developers should also expect a large portion of this development to occur on the iOS platform, as opposed to the Android platform.  A majority of doctors’ loyalty resides in Apple products. When doctors and hospitals were surveyed on their current mobile devices, 68 percent used iPhones, in comparison to a meager 31 percent of smart/Android phone users (Black Book Rankings).  Iltifat Husain, the author of the MedPage blogs, attributes this loyalty to Apples’ simplicity, solid build quality and uniformity. The user experience that Apple provides its end-users is unmatched.

Constant changes and improvements in technology are revolutionizing healthcare providers’ daily practices. As developers, we must continue to meet the high and ever-changing expectations of physicians and their practices, in order to solve real problems, increase cost efficiency and eliminate life-threatening errors.  However, it’s important to realize that without implementing an amazing user experience, created by the manufacturer, not the end user, these developments could go idle.

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