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Design / Development / 04.24.18

Navigation Patterns: Which is Best for Your App?

Navigation is often overseen by users until it doesn’t meet their expectations. Navigation is an important part of your app architecture as it heavily influences user experience. Navigation patterns should be seamlessly integrated into the app. It should feel natural and it shouldn’t dominate the interface or draw focus away from the content. Choosing the…

Development / 04.23.18

Connected Health is Changing How We Collect Data

Connected Health is Changing How We Collect Data (updated 11 April 2018) Technology and healthcare frequently operate hand in hand. In fact, connected health devices like Fitbit activity trackers and health and wellness mobile apps today enable individuals to monitor what they eat, how much they exercise, and their overall well-being. Additionally, the Internet of…

Emerging Tech / 04.19.18

The Battle of the Productivity Suites

The cloud productivity battle is heating up. Google has become the enduring competitor for Microsoft and now Amazon wants a piece of the pie. Cloud productivity tools allow employees to work more efficiently while taking some pressure off of IT. These tools are great for connecting your workforce and streamlining workflows. Such tools can be…

Design / 04.17.18

Video Game Design and The User Experience

Video games have long been a driving force in what users can experience on their computers, evolving from simple early games to the newest that can be completely immersive. Throughout this evolution, video game designers have always gotten one element of design right: storytelling. Mobile and web application designers can utilize the techniques and technologies…