At Seamgen, we love working with startups to help make their vision a reality. We admire the hard work and innovation required to build a successful company from the ground up. And we also know how rewarding it is to watch your company grow and become profitable.

These companies showcase that, with startups, profitability doesn’t have to be the ultimate goal. These three socially conscious startups feature entrepreneurs focused on improving the world we live in.

Early Childhood Education in East Africa

Company: Kidogo

Socially Conscious Startups Kidogo


Kidogo creates access to early childhood care and education in East African slums. Kidogo currently has two sites operating in Kenya. The company is finishing a two-year proof-of-concept program before expanding their reach.


Mothers in these areas have no access to proper early childcare resources. Children are often left unattended, or an older sibling (age 7-10) has to withdraw from school to watch their younger sibling. With the current, compromised resources, children are deprived of their intellectual potential.


Kidogo focuses on creating affordable centers focused on play-centered child development. These sites run at a low cost ($1 USD for each child per day) and all teachers are required to have fundamental training in early childhood education and care. These sites are a more sanitary and effective alternative to the current available resources in these parts of Kenya.

Kidogo children learning how to read and write
For more information, check out Kidogo’s website.

Tracking Clean Water Around the World

Company: mWater

Socially Conscious Startups mWater


mWater is an open source mobile application where users input the quality of water and sanitation sites.


Many areas of the world suffer from poor water quality, and have no viable tests for safety of consumption. Drinking contaminated water leads to many illnesses and infections, with the cause of illness often difficult to trace back to the water itself.


With the mWater app, you can test and upload water quality data to their online database. This platform can be used by those consuming the water, as well as engineers and others focused on restructuring water flow to under-resourced areas. The uses for this technology are continually growing, and the software is customizable for companies. Water quality testing kits can also be purchased through the mWater website.

Socially Conscious Startups mWater Training
For more information, visit the mWater website.

Catching Human Traffickers

Company: TraffickCam

 Socially Conscious Startups Traffickcam Banner


TraffickCam allows users to upload photos of the hotel rooms they are staying in to assist law enforcement in catching sex trafficking criminals.


Gathering evidence to put sex traffickers behind bars can be difficult. Sex traffickers utilize online advertisements to generate much of their business. They often include photos of their victims in these advertisements, with most of the photos occurring in hotel rooms.


TraffickCam’s users work together to aid police in catching sex trafficking criminals. Download the free app and take pictures of each hotel room you stay in. TraffickCam is building a massive database to help law enforcement track the whereabouts of sex traffickers from their online advertisements. The app helps police learn about trafficking patterns and trafficking hot-spots.

For more information, visit the TraffickCam website.

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