In part 1 of our overview of Xamarin Insights, we discussed how the system can help you spot problems quickly, diagnose hard-to-reproduce crashes, and understand how users are interacting with your app. In this installment, we’ll take a closer look at some of the specific tools available to you.

Once you have registered your app with Xamarin Insights, you can see details about app usage, issues, events, as well as a screen that allows you to configure app-specific Insight behavior. You can configure Xamarin Insights to email when a new error occurs for the first time, or every time a particular error occurs. Xamarin Insights integrate with many third-party systems like HipChat and Jira, so you can receive chat messages or have a bug automatically created when an error is received. Xamarin Insights also supports web hooks so that you can create your custom integrations.

The Xamarin Insights dashboard for your app starts with a summary of app activity, focusing on issue and crash reports. From the Issues tab you can drill down to details information about specific events, errors, or crashes. The issue detail page displays when it last occurred, how many users are affected, which app version and which OS versions are affected. Additionally, if you have uploaded your app’s dSym file you can see the complete stack trace for every crash. Details like these are invaluable in tracking down the cause of an error. Also invaluable is the ability to distinguish between problems that are affecting all or most of your users, and a rare problem that may not be worth expending resources on.

Xamarin Insights Part II – Analyze Application Issues and Usage

The Users tab allows you to inspect activity by user, allowing you to track down details of an issue that happened to a particular user or on a particular device. Selecting a user displays details about how often the user has accessed the app, what issues they have experienced, and usage details for every time they have used the app. This is a great way to understand which features your users find most valuable, and how you can maximize the impact of future updates.

The audience tab shows you trends, graphing daily users and distinguishing between new and returning users. It tracks how often users open your app, and how long they spend on it. Additionally, it tracks app and OS version over time, which helps you understand which versions you need to support, and to predict what your users’ needs are likely to be.

Xamarin Insights offers a rich set of tools for analyzing and understanding what’s happening with your app out in the real world, tools that allow you create and maintain the best possible experience for your users.

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