If you have an app and your users are experiencing problems, you need to know, and fast. Even if they are not experiencing problems, you want to know how they are interacting with your app.

How do you get this information?

Here at Seamgen, we use Xamarin Insights. Xamarin Insights is a highly evolved system of monitoring and diagnostics that passes information about your app to servers in the cloud that alert you to problems and provide you with dashboards for monitoring your app.

Crash analytics are perhaps the most valuable feature of a system like Xamarin insights.

Your users are unlikely to report crashes, and even if they do, it will be in the form of negative app store reviews with little opportunity for you to respond to the problem, or even understand it.

Xamarin Insights allows you to capture detailed state information about what your app was doing at the time of the crash, as well as the type of device the app was running on, the version of the operating system, and other critical system information like available memory and battery life.

With this critical information your developers can piece together the scenario that led to the crash, devise a fix, and deliver it to your users.

Analytics illustration

Almost as important as gathering details when your app crashes is developing an understanding of how users are interacting with your app.

    • Do they start a certain workflow but rarely finish? 
    • Are there features that users rarely use? 
  • Were your expectations about what users would see as the main feature of your app correct, or are they using it for something else? 

Gathering analytics data through a system like Xamarin insights can answer these questions, and provide you the data you need to respond to your user’s needs, without requiring them to comment or reach out to you in any way. This data will be both more available, and more accurate, than any user survey could be.

Get the truth about what user’s think of your app and how they’re using it by building analytics into the code from the start.

Come back for part two for a deep dive into how Xamarin Insights gathers and presents this critical information. Can’t wait? Contact Seamgen with your questions, we’re is here to help!