Here at Seamgen, we use continuous integration; running all tests, code analysis tools, build scripts and compilation every time source code is added or changed. This environment automates a significant part of our developers work day. Continuous integration only takes us so far, though; we would also like to have tests run on actual devices.

Xamarin Test Cloud is a product to run automated tests for a mobile application on practically any device. You can run your real app on an actual device and simulate any inputs from gestures that interact with UI elements of your app to GPS coordinates and other behind-the-scenes data.

NUnit Lite is a testing framework where you can test the “Business Logic” of your app. These tests can be down to function level. When combined with Xamarin Test Cloud it allows you to run the tests on an actual physical device or the device simulator. This expands the capability of Xamarin Test Cloud from running UI-driven integration tests to also running tests of small bits of functionality. Now you can run all your tests in one place.

Using Test Cloud to run all of our tests, we can get all of our test results in the same place and at the same time. Now with one report we can get a much more complete picture of our app code’s correctness. We can determine automatically and early whether code changes are good, and whether a build should be passed to QA for further testing.

There are very helpful documents available on how to use both NUnit lite for Unit Testing and Test Cloud for automated UI Testing.

Xamarin Test Cloud allows all of its results and logs to be collected for analysis and archiving along with the other build outputs, so you can always go back and see the results of a test run for a particular build, and analyze error trends over time. You can even configure your build server to notify automatically the developer whose code caused a test to fail, often within minutes of when the submitted the code.

This article was written by Michael Henke, Manager of Mobile Development at Seamgen.