For the third time, dedicated Xamarin enthusiasts reconvened at the Seamgen offices in Downtown San Diego for the monthly ‘Xamarin User Group San Diego’ MeetUp. Once again we can thank TekSystems for providing the craft beer and sub sandwiches. One of Seamgen’s top mobile developers, Eric Maier, walked us through the process of building a cross-platform mobile application using Xamarin.Forms.

Eric started with the App.xaml file, which is like a global CSS file, which defines things like global styles, fonts, color-types, and sizing. While building this page, he discussed using the OnPlatform keyword to create platform-specific details in your XAML. He then moved on to the login page and pointed out the potential performance cost of Xamarin.Forms are compiling the XAML at runtime. Eric used style triggers to demonstrate data-binding and conditional rendering, and then showed a custom renderer, which you would use to get access to platform-specific features not implemented in Xamarin.Forms. We concluded the session with our usual lively discussion during the question and answer period.

If you missed the MeetUp or would simply like to review what was discussed, you can download a summary here.

We look forward to our next ‘Xamarin User Group San Diego’ MeetUp, Thursday, June 11th, where we will have our first guest speaker, Russ Gibfried, HP Services Enterprise Architect! Remember to register for the event so we know that you’re coming.