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Tech Trends / 07.13.17

Machine Learning: Intro to the Future of Computing

As the Information Revolution provided the means to further democratize knowledge in the form of computers, it also highlighted the importance of data. As computers, have become considerably powerful in contrast to their 20th century and even early 21st century counterparts, the importance of data has evolved as well. These days, data plays a role…

Articles / Startups / 07.10.17

San Diego Startup of the Week: Fhoosh

It’s time to kick off your Monday with a bang! Or a boom. Maybe a fhoosh? Whatever your go to sound effect for productivity is, we here at Seamgen are starting the week by covering another San Diego startup. Onomatopoeia makes for fun words and surprisingly memorable company names. This week, we will be looking…

Tech Trends / 07.06.17

Diving into Deep Learning and Why It’s Important?

Everyone knows that Artificial Intelligence is beginning to revolutionize the technology industry, but how exactly is it being accomplished? An algorithmic approach  called Deep Learning is currently helping AI researchers make huge leaps in developing modern-day AI applications. The Technique behind Current AI Deep learning is beginning to work its way into conversations when Artificial Intelligence is being…

Development / 06.30.17

What is the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)?

We at Seamgen take our development seriously. By using a agile-hybrid approach to software development, we are able to design and develop some the best user-centered products out there on the market. One of the most centric models to the software industry and to us as a company is the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). It…