They came to us seeking UX expertise. We responded by helping them achieve their goal of simplifying the business of healthcare.

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    Aldera is a healthcare IT company that pioneered the first commercially available pharmacy benefit management systems more than 20 years ago. Today their product supports 35 payers and administrators representing more than 34 million individuals across all lines of business in commercial and government markets.

The Goal

Architect an improved solution to the existing platform thereby simplifying users day-to-day tasks.


Research & Discovery

Their existing product had over 500 pages of dynamic content and a seemingly endless feature set that was capable of doing everything from customer service to the creation of company benefits plans. We needed to learn to use this robust app to help us understand how to make it better.

Explore the interface
Follow training documents
Take detailed notes

Understanding the good and the bad

User research helps us understand who is using the app and how they are using it. What do they like? What do they hate? By watching them use the app like they normally would, asking them to think out loud as they work, and taking notes as they speak, we start to notice some patterns emerge. Pretty soon the common pain points were becoming clear.

Good: The search options available are extremely granular letting you get as specific as you need.

Bad: The information architecture needs to be much easier and quicker to navigate

Good: The search options available are extremely granular letting you get as specific as you need.

Bad: The labels for the controls could be more humanized and overall search functionality improved.

Good: Search results are thorough.

Bad: Might be returning too much data as once. The results structure needs to be simplified.




The Design

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