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Mondays can be rough, but here at Seamgen, we grab a cup of coffee and get the ball rolling by featuring a local San Diego startup. Last week was GoFormz, and this week is Cloudbeds.

Scientists are not sure if it’s the tacos or the weather that’s attracting talent and innovation to San Diego, but one thing can be concluded: San Diego is growing into a tech hub and companies like Cloudbeds are a part of the reason–oh, and Seamgen, we’re local too!

One reason we picked Cloudbeds is their announcement of a $3.14M venture fund last summer. Also, they have won some noteworthy awards:

  • San Diego Venture Group Cool Company – 2015
  • Startup San Diego – Disruptive Tech – 2015
  • Connect Most Innovative New Product Awards – 2014

So, hearing the name Cloudbeds, it implies fluffy beds–and that is sort of correct. The company hosts a service that involves a place with beds, but more on that later.

Cloudbeds Origins

Founded on October 1st, 2012, Cloudbeds’ history begins in the realm of software development, something we are very familiar with.

Founders Adam Harris and Richard Castle began in the hospitality industry, building enterprise applications. As contract workers, they did it all, but they realized they were a part of a larger problem: stand-alone software that was not keeping up with technology over time.

They decided that the best way to solve this problem was to create an integrated suite of hospitality software. And with that, Cloudbeds was born.

The company’s vision is the same as day 1:

Our goal is to help streamline connectivity between independent hotels and their customers using the latest innovations in software. If we can improve the efficiency of their business, we can save them time and money. And that’s the whole point.

Cloudbeds’ Products

The company aims to achieve their vision through three software packages: Myfrontdesk, Myallocator, and Mybookings.  We’ll dive into all three.


Myfrontdesk is a browser-based front desk for your property. Two major features of Myfrontdesk are dashboard and calendar.

Just as the dashboard in your car displays critical information, the dashboard of Myfrontdesk allows you to organize and understand operations. On the other hand, calendar provides updated availability and control over beds.

Dashboard features:

  • Process check-ins and check-outs
  • Print registration cards
  • Take new reservations
  • Manage room assignments
  • See current demand & availability
  • Forecast future occupancies

Calendar features:

  • Change rates
  • Mark guests as in-house, confirmed, pending, and more
  • Move guests to new beds and days
  • Hold rooms for guests
  • Block rooms and days

Other features include reservation management, tracking revenue services, complete rate control, housekeeping, and activity logs.

Myallocator Channel Manager

Myallocator syncs inventory with online marketplaces through a channel manager.

The software is promoted as

More new channels, more new guests

The service is not for just domestic hotels, as

Thousands of hostels, guests houses and bed & breakfasts in over 115 countries trust Myallocator.

Major channel connections include booking.com, Expedia, TripAdvisor, Airbnb, Hostelworld, and BackPackerOnline.

Mybookings Booking Engine

Mybookings saves businesses money by making the website the best place for guests to book a room. Who doesn’t like streamlined efficiency!?


  • Room marketing
  • Guest information
  • Payment options
  • Detailed Analytics
  • Personalized Branding
  • Powerful Promotional Rates

All these features are made so the business

Never loses a direct reservation again.

Cloudbeds is successful in the hospitality management software industry due to their promotion of business-centric, resource-saving options. Instead of the business utilizing different software packages, Cloudbeds offer an end-to-end solution.

Where They Are Now

Since the company’s beginnings In 2012, Cloudbeds has raised $3.94M through three rounds with six investors. In its most recent funding round, the lead investor was Cultivation Capital.

Thanks for reading!

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