San Diego Startup of the Week: Cordial.io

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Here at Seamgen, we highlight a successful startup in San Diego every Monday. Coming from humble beginnings, we admire the dedication and hard work these companies have put into their product and services. This week’s San Diego Startup of the Week is Cordial.

In 2014, Forbes named San Diego the number 1 city to launch a startup. That same year, Cordial began its initial seed round. From there, it’s been strictly business for Cordial, the adaptable platform that enhances and personalizes customer relations through machine learning.


Why did we Pick Cordial?

The Future of Messaging

Communication is vital when it comes to the success of any company. Whether communication is done internally or externally, it is important for messages to be sent and received efficiently.

Nowadays, most companies use some sort of communication platform to collaborate with each other, as well as with their clients.

Cordial takes these platforms to the next level, as their product evolves and adapts to the client’s actions.


In their seed round, Cordial picked up an initial $350k in August 2014. followed by another $1.7m in April 2015. 1 year later, as part of their convertible note round, the startup collected an additional $150k.

With this funding, Cordial aims to personalize the way companies communicate.

Evolving Technology

At Seamgen, we know a thing or two about software development, and communication is vital to this process.

We are impressed with how Cordial’s product evolves with interactions, and enhances collaboration among employees and clients.

By personalizing interaction and monitoring real time audiences, Cordial is looking to disrupt the industry.


Founding and Vision

The company was started in the beginning of 2015 by David Baker, Adam Gillespie, Chris McGreal, and Jeremy Swift. The four were brought together with the idea of building a CRM solution for the modern day.

The founders’ vision was to change workplace interaction, as well as client communication, progressing towards a more efficient future.

The Cordial team describes their product:

Our platform learns, understands, and even adapts messaging based on your customers’ actions in the moment. It’s the power of machine learning combined with dynamic capabilities designed to stay ahead of the market as it evolves. It’s the future of messaging, and it’s ready for you, right now.

How does it Work?

With roots in the marketing industry, Cordial understands the importance of customer satisfaction. And customers are satisfied through directed interaction.



Trigger & Automation technology

This platform enables users to track every digital interaction their customer makes, through data storage as well as real-time monitoring, through 4 different triggers.


1) Event Data Storage: Cordial records all customer digital interaction across all used platforms

2) Real-Time Audiences: Enables users to create multiple customer profiles based on historic and real-time data

3) Personalized Messaging: Messenger that adapts to customer interactions

4) Event Analytics: Analyze customer relations across multiple platforms

Where are they Now?

cordial shopper

In 2016, Cordial successfully doubled its revenue, due to its new client JibJab, a digital entertainment studio.

Impressed with Cordial’s features, Alessandra Souers, Director of Marketing at JibJab comments:

After a long due-diligence process with leading email marketing platforms, we found Cordial’s nimble, modern approach to email marketing — built with automation, machine learning, and cross-channel flexibility — to be the best fit for our business.

Last month, Cordial participated in Tacos + Tech, an event where 40 of San Diego’s best tech companies ventured up to Silicon Valley for a day of networking.

To keep up with Cordial, follow their blog.

Thanks For Reading!

Thanks for tuning in to this week’s San Diego Startup of the Week. Be sure to come back next Monday to see which startup we’ll be reviewing next. If your company is interested in partnering with a San Diego based software development company, check out our services and recent partners.

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