San Diego Startup of the Week: Seismic

Written by Marc Alringer

At Seamgen, we start your Monday off right by featuring up-and-coming San Diego startups. This week’s San Diego Start up of the Week is Seismic, the cloud-based software company that is helping sales and marketing teams around the globe.

Why Did We Pick Seismic?

Leading Sales Enablement Platform

Seismic provides a place for marketing and sales teams to seamlessly collaborate.

Seismic has quickly risen to be an industry leader through their machine learning algorithms and award-winning LiveDocs technology, which automates the creation of personalized sales and marketing materials.

Revenue Growth and Funding Success

Seismic saw its yearly revenue exceed $25 million in 2016. The year before that, in 2015, they grew their total revenue 120 percent.

Their success in revenue growth has been coupled with success in raising funds.

A year ago in May, the company was able to raise $40 million dollars in a Series C round of funding. This additional haul brought their total funding to a whopping $65 million.

Gold Stevie® Award for Collaboration Solution

Showcasing Seismic today as our Startup of the Week seems fitting, since they recently were awarded gold at the Stevie Awards on February 24th.

It was the 11th year the Stevie Awards–focused on sales and customer service–have been held. Seismic won first place for its platform when it came to the collaboration it provides for workplaces.

How does Seismic Work?

The goal of Seismic’s software is to help companies perfectly align marketing and sales efforts. The collaboration starts with the marketers preparing the right content for sales teams to use in their efforts.

Seismic's Software

Once the marketing teams have the content ready, the software offers the perfect solutions for sales reps–explained in the short video above.

From the Start to the Future

Seismic started out in 2010, in the suburbs of San Diego, with a vision to provide a ground-breaking platform to help marketing and sales teams all over the globe collaborate.

Since then, the company is growing exponentially. It has now opened up 5 office locations across the United States and 1 internationally in Australia.

Expect to see more growth, both domestically and internationally, as Seismic continues to spread across marketing and sales team.

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Marc Alringer
Written by
Marc Alringer
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