UX is not UI.

What is the difference?

User Experience is the feeling somebody has while using a product.

Designing for feeling encompasses literally the entire product — including, God forbid, the customer support if it breaks. Only part of the User Experience is the User Interface Design — how it looks and functions.

For mobile products, User Experience is the strategy, and User Interface is the execution.

Not all mobile designers know both of these skills. Don’t get me wrong, the best mobile designers might have a very good understanding of User Experience. But, typically the best way to build great mobile products is with a team comprised of at least a Product Owner + Designer combination. Each role is responsible for different elements.

What problem is the product solving, who is going to use it, and how are they going to feel while using it?

These are the questions a great Product Owner will answer. Find Product Owners who understand personas, product strategy, and the two minute rule — what are my users doing two minutes before and two minutes after using the product. Pair those people up with great designers, and you’re moving in the right direction.

This is one part of a series called 9 Mobile Product Building Mistakes. Stay tuned for the next Mobile Product Building Mistake #7: Not properly planning the launch.