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HealthCare Partners (HCP) is a physician-led organization, empowering providers to deliver unsurpassed excellence in healthcare. They offer tools and resources that enable providers to achieve clinical, quality and financial goals. HCP also works closely with insurance companies to make sure healthcare consumers have access to the best healthcare resources for optimal health outcomes.

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The Challenge

Fragmented and Inefficient Solutions

HCP has been relying on an outdated system and other third-party tools, such as Pulse8, to identify patients’ gaps in care. These tools are not fully integrated and HCP’s clients have to operate from fragmented systems, which limits operational efficiency and requires manual data management.

As a healthcare company, one of HCP’s top priorities when evaluating software solutions is HIPAA compliance. To maximize the security of data, HCP, for years, has been operating with their entire infrastructure on-premise, but Seamgen has suggested a phased transition to a custom, cloud-based application. The migration to the cloud introduced complexities around getting data out of HCP’s infrastructure and into the cloud to run the application.


HCP's optimized UX design and new functionality seamlessly empowers clinical staff with new abilities such as identifying gaps in care, scheduling patient wellness visits, and more to promote proactive healthcare management.

The Solution

Migrating From On-Premise to the Cloud

Seamgen is designing and developing a modernized, custom web application that will serve as the foundation for HealthCare Partners’ cloud-based applications offering. HCP’s web portal will maximize gap closure rates while minimizing provider disruption. The advanced software product will spare providers and their staff the annoyance and productivity drain of repetitive and sometimes unnecessary information requests by prioritizing targets and coordinating efforts to close gaps in documentation, coding, and quality all at once.

The MVP solution continues to integrate with the Pulse8 platform for healthcare analytics, but as the HCP product continues to mature, we’re designing for the future and plan to phase out third-party tools. Seamgen is building proprietary technology that allows HCP to scale in the future and reap the benefits of advanced capabilities made possible by the cloud.


HCP's web and mobile app based platform optimizes operational efficiency of patient information for clinical staff streamlining care.

The technical approach

Microsoft Azure’s Flexible 
Cloud Platform

The solution is being developed with .NET Core, React for the front-end, and Microsoft SQL for the database. The application is being deployed into the cloud, a first for HCP, using Microsoft Azure’s open and flexible cloud computing platform. HCP has relied on a local web hosting company to host all their apps and databases, but Seamgen’s technical experts proposed a cloud-based architecture that can integrate with HCP’s existing data center.

For the MVP phase of the project, HCP has chosen not to migrate their systems entirely to the cloud, therefore the Seamgen engineers are developing a one-way sync for any data required by the application. Typically, Seamgen would recommend a site-to-site VPN, but HCP wanted to maintain their existing architecture during the MVP phase.

HCP’s IT security leadership expressed some hesitations to the proposed cloud transformation strategy, but Seamgen’s phased approach to the migration allows for gradual stakeholder buy-in and empowers the organization to begin modernizing their dated application and software processes.


We utilized Azure's cloud services to streamline operations, enhance security, and elevate performance.

The results

Maximizing Healthcare 
Gap Closure Rates

Seamgen has developed a customized web application that HealthCare Partners can promote to physicians and healthcare consumers to streamline their processes and ultimately improve population health management. Seamgen will continue to strategize, learn, and iterate with HealthCare Partners to build a modernized suite of tools that positions HCP at the forefront of healthcare. Seamgen is leading and empowering HCP on their journey to the cloud.


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