Feeding is a newborn’s toughest challenge. Many babies need help. Trial and error are simply not good enough

The First Truly Smart Bottle for Babies

Mivo is a smart bottle that tracks your baby’s feeding. Using a connected app, parents are able to monitor each feeding in real-time, see past feedings, and notice trends over time.

Mivo Phone

Real-time Monitoring

Once the bottle recognizes that a baby is being fed, it automatically alerts the user’s nearest device. Feeding information is then shown in real-time, thus highlighting a newborn’s max pace, average pace, total amount, and total time.


Tracking Chart

Data is regularly collected, saved, and reported visually. This relays information about a baby’s developing strength and stamina in a comprehensive graph-form. Tabular data further helps users understand when to best feed their baby and, perhaps more importantly, provides warning of potential future problems.


Sync and Coordinate

Users are free to assign colors and names, enabling the ability to add and remove a bottle as deemed fit. Furthermore, users can decide between the measurement quantities to match their personal preferences.

Data visualization elements

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