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ZOLL Medical creates medical devices and software to enhance emergency care, boost efficiency, and save lives. Their range includes products for defibrillation, cardiac monitoring, CPR feedback, oxygen therapy, data management, ventilation, temperature control, and sleep apnea. These technologies empower clinicians, EMS, fire professionals, and rescuers to improve patient outcomes in critical cardiopulmonary conditions.

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The Challenge

Overcoming Manual Audits

ZOLL Medical, a leading provider of medical devices and software solutions, faced a significant challenge in auditing hospitals and medical facilities for essential equipment such as defibrillators, AED devices, ventilators, and other consumables. The existing manual audit process relied heavily on pen and paper documentation, leading to inefficiencies and limitations. It was prone to errors, inconsistencies, and inaccuracies due to human error in recording device information, usage data, and inventory levels. This undermined the reliability of the audit findings. Another problems was the manual nature of the process consumed significant time and resources. Auditors had to physically visit each facility, inspect devices, record relevant information manually, and compile reports afterward. This increased the workload and prolonged the audit cycle, delaying critical decision-making. The lack of automation hindered scalability. With the healthcare industry constantly evolving, manually documenting and reporting audits became unsustainable. ZOLL Medical needed a more efficient solution to meet the growing demands of auditing hospitals and medical facilities across various regions.

To address these challenges, ZOLL Medical partnered with Seamgen and developed a mobile app that combined the audit tools of Europe and the USA, standardizing reports between the continents. Despite differences in models and processes between the two entities, the app successfully met both their needs. This innovation streamlined the audit process, reducing errors, saving time, and improving scalability for ZOLL Medical and the audited facilities alike.


Tracking the Pulse: ZOLL's meticulous observation and management of medical equipment documented progress, authorship, type, date and time ensuring optimal efficiency and safety.

The Solution

Optimizing Hospital Inventory

Seamgen collaborated closely with Solara's departments to understand operational inefficiencies and existing infrastructure, including Salesforce, Netsuite, and fax machines. We developed a consolidated solution on Microsoft Azure, aiming to unify systems and empower agents with broader tasks beyond their previous roles.

This involved migrating ZOLL's Exchange mail servers to Microsoft 365 and implementing Azure Active Directory for enhanced security and role management. Simultaneously, we crafted a digital solution comprising web and mobile applications for seamless automation and comprehensive performance tracking. The result: a streamlined process eliminating the need for company-wide licenses, doubling productivity, and slashing order-to-delivery time from 60 days to 21 days.


ZOLL's interface optimized the user experience across devices used in clinical settings creating helping enhance organizational efficiency.

The technical approach

Hybrid Mobile Solution

The mobile-only hybrid app, developed in Vue and Capacitor with an Ionic front-end framework, was specifically tailored to iPad functionality as per the client's directive, with future expansion considerations for Android tablets. Notably, the app features a robust report generator and offline mode. The report generator dynamically creates a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation, driven by data gathered during assessments. Editing PowerPoint templates posed a challenge, yet we adeptly manipulated embedded XML and XLSX files via a node backend to achieve the desired outcome.

Offline mode allows users to conduct assessments without network connectivity, with all API calls queued until connection is reestablished. Temporary objects within the app facilitate uninterrupted user interaction until synchronization occurs with the server, which then processes the API queue seamlessly. Additionally, integration with Active Directory enables universal login functionality, collaboratively implemented with the client's IT team.

While originally intended for full data storage in Salesforce, a hybrid approach was adopted due to differing preferences, with data partitioned between Salesforce and a dedicated app database. Information is synchronized bidirectionally, with data pulled from Salesforce for assessments and finalized reports and assessment statuses pushed back upon completion. Furthermore, the app offers the ability to combine multiple assessments into one report for collections of hospitals under one parent, a feature highly valued by users who are utilizing it frequently and expressing satisfaction with the seamless process facilitated by the app.


We fused the power of Salesforce, Microsoft Active Directory, and Amazon AWS to drive innovation, efficiency, and seamless integration across platforms.

The results

ZOLL Medical's Digital Transformation Success Story

By transitioning from a manual audit process to a digital solution, ZOLL Medical achieved significant improvements in efficiency, accuracy, and scalability. The streamlined data capture and reporting capabilities reduced audit cycle times, enabling faster decision-making and response times. Moreover, the enhanced accuracy of audit data improved the reliability of findings, fostering greater trust and confidence among stakeholders.

Overall, the implementation of the digital audit management system positioned ZOLL Medical as a leader in audit innovation within the healthcare industry. By leveraging technology to overcome the challenges of manual auditing, ZOLL Medical demonstrated their commitment to advancing emergency care and optimizing operational efficiencies for their clients and partners.


Our sleek and efficient design across screens elevates the user experience with sophisticated design with interfaces in perfect harmony.


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