Enhancing guest experiences with connected solutions that allow park goers to make the most of their day while providing valuable insights for park management.

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  • Building a better guest experience

    We’ve built a number of in-venue and pre-venue experiences that allow guests to take full advantage of their day. Park and brand management has an added benefit of not only being able to track guests and spot trends within their parks, but they also have the ability to send timely notifications based on guest location and time spent within specific areas of their venue.

6 Parks. 3 Brands. 1 App.

Leveraging a flexible design platform as well as Xamarin technology we were able to utilize one core design format and simply swap colors and brand assets to create a new custom branded app for each member of our client’s family of parks. By utilizing the same structre and format within each application, our client was able to focus on gathering quality content that they could mange from one central backend system and our dev team could focus on perfecting the in app experience.

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  • Xamarin apps share code across all platforms. By utilizing Xamarin we can build for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac with a single, shared C# codebase, using the same language, APIs and data structures on every platform. With Xamarin, we write your apps entirely in C#, sharing the same code on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. The end result is a more efficient development process across multiple platforms.

Guest Management

Building an in-venue application is one thing, but what good is an application if you can’t pull key insights and analytics from your users? We’ve partnered with The Experience Engine to utilize their powerful messaging and analytics platform that combines time, proximity and consumer profile information to create personalized experiences across mobile, wearables and other connected devices. Working in parallel with our mobile application, their Mission Control guest management platform brings everything together in a centralized hub for marketers that puts campaign management and real-time performance metrics in physical context.

In Venue Beacons

Working in conjunction with a mobile application, beacons offer an additional touch point with guests based on their approximate location. Delivering on-time relevant info to your users as they navigate your venue or pass your storefront; once a user enters a beacon’s proximity they’ll receive a gentle push notification to alert them to an offer, message or call to action.

  • Location Aware

  • Recieve Relative Alerts

  • Opportunities for
 Contextual Upsell

Location aware guest management

Track, manage and influence what your guests see when navigating your venue. Enable timely notifications in high traffic areas.

Timely Notifications

Offer relevant info to guests based on not only where they are, but what they might be doing at that time. By integrating with our guest management software we can gain valuable insight into how users respond to notifications to better implement them over time.

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Upsell Opportunities

Tracking how long a user is in a particular area let’s know a lot about what they might be doing at that time. For example, comparing data against wait times and other user input we can trigger a notification to allow a user to buy a front of the line pass, at a moments notice.

Ticket Purchasing

Waiting in lines is a thing of the past. We create versatile user interfaces to keep your customers out of the lines and into the park. Mobile ticket purchasing allows your users not only to skip the line, but also plan their day and purchase tickets prior to their arrival.

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