Google recently released Android 6.0 Marshmallow with some neat features you should know about. The update isn’t a significant one by any means, but with every update, Android becomes a bit more polished. Here are a few features you will enjoy on Android Marshmallow.

Android users have waited a long time for volume controls, and Google has finally delivered. The volume control now allows you to reach silent mode by clicking the volume down button, from silent mode you can click the button once more and now enter “do not disturb mode.” You can also have separate volumes for different controls (media, ringtone and alarm volume).

Android Marshmallow Update 2Android Marshmallow Update 1Fingerprint reading is now a native feature with Android Marshmallow. This means you can now log into your device, buy an app from Google Play and use Android Pay with your fingerprint. This is also an open API as we have come to expect from Google, their hope being that more manufacturers will build the fingerprint reader into their phones, it will also encourage more application makers to include fingerprint reading into their applications as well.

Several system UI elements have been updated. The lock screen on Android Marshmallow got a slight makeover in the form of a new clock design. The quick settings now have a “Do not disturb” toggle button. You can control the individual permissions for all of your apps. Copy and paste automatically selects forward word by word, which makes selecting things much easier. You can also create a portable hotspot that is either 2.4 or 5 gigahertz.

Android Marshmallow comes with Doze, a new feature that essentially reads all your devices’ sensors, such as your gyroscope, accelerometer and ambient light sensor to determine if your device is idle or not. If Doze determines your device is indeed idle it will cut down on the background activity of your apps, which extends your battery’s life significantly.

Google Now, the seemingly magical predictive information service, has a new trick: “Now on Tap,” which can be activated by holding down the home button. Do this and you get Google Now cards relevant to whatever’s on your screen. Let’s say you are texting someone about a movie you want to see, you can activate “Now on Tap” and get Google cards that have information about movie times, maps, directions to the movie theater, and much more. Magic!

Those are just some of the features from the Android Marshmallow update. Marshmallow is an incremental update, but one that brings users a more joyful experience and gives them more control over their device. Need help getting your app to take advantage of these features? Contact Seamgen!