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What is Android mobile app development?

Android applications are becoming increasingly important to businesses and consumers alike. These apps enable end users to streamline work tasks, stay in touch with one another, play games, watch videos, and much more. Android application development is essential for both large enterprises and small businesses. With the right Android applications, companies can provide their customers with unforgettable experiences across a wide range of Android smartphones and tablets.

Android mobile app development process

At Seamgen, every Android app project starts with a great, user-centric design. We are dedicated to creating fast, user-friendly, and intuitive apps for Android phones and tablets. To accomplish these goals, our Android app design and development teams maintain constant communication with one another. They use state-of-the-art technologies to ensure our Android applications match our clients' expectations. We keep the lines of communication open with our clients at all times. This means we will always reach out to you, learn about your Android app goals, and do everything we can to help you achieve optimal results. We'll even provide Android application recommendations so you can maximize the value of your apps for Android phones and tablets.

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Here are some of our Android apps
Android Mobile App Development
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How are past clients using our Android apps?

MGM Resorts International owns and operates some of the world's top destination resorts, including Bellagio, Mandalay Bay, and The Mirage. When MGM needed a best-in-class Android app, they came to Seamgen. We helped MGM launch a one-of-a-kind Android app that serves as a digital storefront. The MGM app also provides guests with quick, easy access to a wealth of information. Click here to see see what the MGM app for Android phones and tablets is all about.

Android Mobile App Development
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Lead management for real estate agents

Our Android design and development projects extend into other industries as well. For example, we recently worked with Buffini & Company, a provider of real estate coaching and training seminars, to create the Referral Maker CRM app for Android devices. Referral Maker helps real estate agents simplify their day-to-day work. It leverages advanced mapping technology that allows a real estate agent plan their route when going out to visit clients. Also, Referral Maker boasts a Priority Action Center that empowers a real estate agent to track calls, notes, and various daily priorities. Perhaps best of all, Referral Marker offers an in-app calendar that instantly syncs to an Android device's calendar, ensuring a real estate agent can stay focused on important tasks.

Three iPhones showing the Theme Park Apps our Android developers created
Seaworld Parks and Entertainment logo

6 parks. 3 brands. 1 app.

Deployed as 3 separate apps, for SeaWorld, Busch Gardens and Sesame Place, we utilized Xamarin to share code across business services and core logic, to develop a single unified code base that powers all 3 SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment applications. A flexible design language allowed for simple asset management to customize each application. Combined with a powerful CMS, and analytics platform this suite of applications allows park management to gain valuable insight into the park.

Check it out in the App Store and on Google Play

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Full stack integrations

Mobile is maturing as a medium, and with maturation brings about libraries, SDKs, APIs, and an immense amount of integrations—both direct and 3rd party. Our team is well-versed in a multitude of integrations and pre-built modules, and can learn and research throughout the development cycle for fast, efficient ways to build the applications. Mobile apps are more successful when experienced engineers integrate with the best practice 3rd parties.

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iPhone and Android phone with WellRx interface on screens
Two white iPhones showing the screen of WellRX mobile app our Android team worked on

Pharmacy discount benefits

ScriptSave WellRX prescription discount card is accepted at thousands of pharmacies across North America. The app allows users to compare live medication prices to find the best deal within their region. Savings are instantaneous. Users simply show their savings card each time they fill or refill a prescription. Savings average 45% per prescription, with potential savings of up to 80%*, and all prescription medications are eligible for savings.

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